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Well we have to be honest when this came up for review we almost didn’t bother. Many moons ago we had purchased Redcat vehicle and honestly we were a bit disappointed. At the time it was a very inexpensive buggy that sadly did not last and we could not get replacement parts for, so to the recycling bin it went. But in effort for fairness let’s be honest, EVERY manufacturer has had growing pains and not every car was a hit! Read on to see if this REDCAT vehicle will be the one to turn the tables on how...

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Monster trucks are here to stay we love them Full Size, RC Size and even Mini RC SIZE! Dromida is synonymous with value and quality and this little beauty came with no loose screws or sloppy fiddly bits anywhere to be found, just plug in the included battery and charger and walk away for a bit. Once at full peak even on just the Nimh battery this tiny beast lights up all four tires and sets out at a rapid pace. Due to its smaller size you almost lose sight of it faster than you can say DROMIDA! FUN...

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Multi 32 …. Multi 32 …. HIKE!

We often get small hand tools to sample and most are usually very simple with just one or two bits. But when a handheld all in one tool comes in with a legitimate 32 bits comes in I snatch it up for a test drive and review. The first thing you will probably notice is the nice Blue anodized finished on this bad boy, post anodizing there is some helpful milling in certain areas for better grip and fell… Nice.  One trick little feature that this multi-tool has over the rest is the fact that the primary bit is...

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HEY RC HUB FANS… We apologize for the delays on this review but to be honest we have been having way too much fun with this one stop shop to FPV Drone Awesomeness! Read on to see if we think the complete product is worth your hard earned moola! RISE – VUSION HOUSE RACER  RISE0207 –  $179.90                      Handling / Flight This little guy is crazy maneuverable right out of the box! It comes with 3 flight modes that enable or disable the much needed Gyro assistance if you are...

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Insert evil laugh with a maniacal look upon face. Nobody NEEDS this on their vehicle, but come on we NEED this now. Ok some safety warnings…… Do not let children operate, caution when using this product on carpet, use caution if used at an indoor track. You may need to adjust the temp/flame as to not melt your body or your rigs body. Ok now that we have done our due diligence, order one and play with fire!!!!! This is Burn Effect BackFire  For 1/10 RC On Road $59.11 FEATURES: For: 1/10 RC On Road Material: Aluminum   Burn Effect...

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