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2017 NT1

2017 NT1


Xray NT1’17 1/10 Nitro On-Road Kit


• All-new chassis features stiffer area under rear suspension for increased stability, larger openings under front suspension for increased forward traction. An additional opening (matching the flywheel opening) has been added to the other side of the chassis for equal side flex.

• All-new redesigned aluminum rear bulkheads for improved flex characteristics of the rear suspension.

• All-new redesigned aluminum rear upper clamps work with new rear bulkheads and offer increased durability.

• All-new redesigned aluminum rear – front 1-piece suspension holder allows mounting of the rear bulkheads into the holder for improved flex of the rear suspension. The holder is now inserted into the chassis for better centering.

• All-new redesigned aluminum rear 2-speed shaft bulkheads lower the rear 2-speed shaft to decrease the CG of the rotating parts.

• All-new graphite reinforcement plate connects the rear 2-speed shaft bulkheads for improved stability.

• All-new thicker graphite rear shock tower improves high-speed steering. Body posts are mounted on the shock tower wider for increased stability.

• All-new thicker graphite roll-center bridge removes unwanted flex of the rear suspension and improved cornering speed.

• All-new updated aluminum upper arm holders offer improved flex of the front suspension and forward traction.

• All-new softer upper suspension arms offer improved in-corner steering and increased forward traction.

• Upgraded steel pivot balls allow increased steering angle for better cornering speed and out-of-corner steering.

• All-new redesigned aluminum radio plate mounts are now mounted to the chassis equidistant from the the chassis centerline, and inline for more equal chassis flex characteristics.

• All-new relocated side-belt tensioner mounts directly to the aluminum radio plate holder to reduce wear.

• All-new redesigned graphite radio plate offers improved in-corner steering, improved front suspension flex, and improved forward traction.

• All-new graphite rear stiffener works with the new re-positioned aluminum radio plate mounts to increase stability. Replaces the previous link.

• All-new redesigned engine mounts offer improved and more equal chassis flex under the engine area.

• All-new brake pad material for smoother, more consistent braking and better braking feeling.
• All-new redesigned rear lower pivot pins work with adjustable rear wheelbase.

• All-new adjustable rear wheelbase allows 2mm rearward relocation of the rear arms for improved traction.

• All-new 2.0mm softer front anti-roll bar wire is included in the kit for improved in-corner steering.

• Improved flex of the front & rear suspensions.



  • CLASS: 1/10 Nitro Touring car
  • LENGTH W/O BODY: 381 mm
  • CHASSIS LENGTH: 341 mm
  • WHEELBASE: 258-262 mm
  • WIDTH: adjustable 197-200 mm
  • WEIGHT: 945g
  • RTR WEIGHT: 1630 g


The NT1 chassis has been completely redesigned to work with the new aluminum suspension flex system. The area under the rear suspension is stiffer for improved stability. The aluminum rear-front 1-piece suspension holder is inserted into the chassis for better centering. The cutouts under the arm area allows the use of the lower roll-center position without arm modification.  The chassis is 2mm longer to allow adjustment of the rear wheelbase, which allows the arms to be moved rearward for improved traction. 










Thicker graphite 3.5 material for improved high-speed steering


















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