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2017 RX8

2017 RX8

Xray have just dropped their 2017 version of their RX8 1/8th nitro on-road kit. 

XRAY RX8’17 1/8 Nitro On-Road Kit



  • All-new chassis features: repositioned holes for engine mounts to allow better gear mesh adjustment; front & rear machined openings for graphite stiffeners and additional weights
  • All-new redesigned and lowered aluminum 2-speed bulkheads decrease the CG of the rotation parts, as well as allowing quicker and easier adjustment of gear mesh
  • All-new fuel tank & mounting system allows height adjustment of the fuel tank depending on the receiver battery size. If larger LiPo or LiFe batteries are used, the included shims and bushings allows vertical repositioning of the fuel tank
  • All-new aluminum front lower suspension mounts allow mounting of composite bushings into the holders to increase the lifespan of suspension pins
  • All-new front upper arms made from softer material give improved forward traction and steering
  • All-new front steel extensions for shocks on lower suspension arms give improved durability
  • All-new front shock tower has been improved for better durability
  • All-new smaller flywheel improves engine bottom power performance and acceleration
  • All-new improved brake material for smoother, more consistent and better brake feel
  • All-new softer brake springs for higher-precision braking and improved brake feel
  • All-new steel shim for 2-speed shaft gives improved durability and more consistent operation of the alu drive flange with 1-way bearing
  • All-new graphite composite 2-speed gears give improved durability



















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