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  PROTOform P47-N CLEAR BODY For 200mm TC Light Weight Part #: 1554-25    $28.86 Regular Weight Part #: 1554-30  $26.31   P47-N REGULAR WEIGHT CLEAR BODY FEATURES: Precise and smooth steering feel Increased corner speed and forward bite Added straightaway speed Integrated window scoop to improve engine cooling Available in .025”, or .030” EFRA LEGAL #2058 SPECS: Length: 17.125″ (434mm) Width: 7.99″ (203mm) Height: 4.375″ (111mm) Wheel Base: 10.16″ (258mm) WHAT’S INCLUDED: Clear P47-N Body Decal sheet Nylon wing mounting hardware Paint-then-peel overspray film & window masks     P47-N LIGHT WEIGHT CLEAR BODY FEATURES: Precise and smooth steering feel...

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  PROTOform BMR-12.1 Regular Weight Clear Body Part #: 1616-30  Regular weight  $22.06 Part #: 1616-20 Light weight  $22.06     FEATURES: Increased rotation over BMR-12 Available in both light weight .020” and regular weight .030” Lexan Reduced body rubbing Enhanced steering Modeled after full-scale LMP-1 class winner   SPECS: Length: 12.75″ (323mm) Width: 6.85″ (174mm) Side Dam Height: 2.83″ (72mm) Wheel Base: 7.7-7.9″ (195-200mm) WHAT’S INCLUDED: Clear BMR-12.1 body Decal Sheet with headlights Paint-then-peel over spray film Window masks       FOR MORE PROTOform ON RC HUB  ...

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Even with Fall upon us, just looking at these pictures takes us back to long summer nights, windows down and AC/DC on the radio. We also are of course quite fond of the orange and black livery. What would of been on your radio and how many unseatbelted people would of been in your back and front seats? So if your ride ended up in a corn field or ditch, you can now recreate that ride to let the memories live again. The Z28 is formed from a single piece of genuine Lexan® and requires no assembly. Clear 1971...

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PROTOform brings Corvette Racing’s championship heritage to 1:8 GT Class racing with the officially-licensed Corvette™ C7.R race body. From the signature Corvette™  Chevrolet®’s Corvette™ C7.R has the set the worldwide sports car racing scene on fire since its debut, capturing the triple-crown of GTLM-class endurance racing with wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring. The decal sheet lets you deck out your C7.R with Corvette™  with branded windshield headers, “Jake” skull hood logo, number plates, and USA flags. Included with the body is an add-on rear wing, secured with...

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Lots of options for new projects or sprucing up an old one.     Ford® GT Clear Body 200MM PAN CAR PART # 1549-30 $31.41 Length: 17.25″ (438mm) Front Width: 7.75″ (197mm) Rear Width: 8.11″ (206mm) Height: 3.89″ (99mm) Wheelbase: 10.2″ (258mm) Ford GT Clear Body B-pillar side wings (2 pcs) Side wing mounting hardware (16 pcs) Nylon wing struts ( 2 pcs) Extensive Decal sheet Wing mounting hardware (4 pcs) Window Masks Paint-then-peel over spray film   PROTOform F1 Front Wing PART # 1722-00 $15.26   Matte Black Finish 1-piece Design Inner fins for Added Stability and Smooth...

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