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Welcome Race Fans to another edition of TRACK DAYS! We had the amazing opportunity to catch up with Jason Ruona, the man behind the legacy of JCONCEPTS! First off before we get ahead of ourselves we just wanted to say THANK YOU to Jason for taking time out of his very busy schedule to chat with us. We bumped into him over at his WINS 7 event held at SMAC TRAC in MO. The event was a great time for all and the competition was mighty with locals and travelers coming from all over the US.  Some of the drivers...

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Have you been wondering what it’s like to drift… to have very little grip and the events are judged not so much by time but on your consistency, your style and how well you are in sync with your car? We were thrilled last week when we were able to meet and see in action some of the industry’s top people from Yokomo like Aso Minori, Matsuxaki Hayato, and JJ KONG just to name a few. Joining them in the action was Chris Vee and some others from the STLRC group. Also Falcon hobby had a few of their...

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There are so many things we love about “Track Days“! The wonderful individuals that give their time and insight into more than what you see on the podiums or behind the counters to the advice they give to others. Ronda was kind enough to give her time as well as a peek into her RC life and new home.   What was your first RC car? A Kyosho Raider that a family member gave me for Christmas in 1989. My first actual race car was a Losi JRX-Pro. When was your first official race? It was in 1990 at...

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Welcome to Track Days this week we have the one and the only Mr. Adam Drake. We hope you enjoy a sneak peak into a household name, and discovering a little bit more about one of  the pillars of the RC game.  With all the travelling and long long long days out in the heat in all kinds of track conditions it would be so easy for someone like Adam to not want to be bothered, but he is honestly one the nicest and most approachable GENTLEMEN in the RC World! That speaks volumes to the quality of character Adam...

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We by chance met Cole and his dad Chris over at Drew Ellis’s track Pro-Level Rc and we were charmed immediately by his high wattage smile and his affable nature. The two of them are the gold standard in what the RC Industry/hobby/sport  started with and needs reminding of from time to time. People bonding, fathers, sons, neighbors, and souls looking for other souls that have a common interest.  Cole has a great personality that will guide him through as well as meeting role models with integrity that remember to look back and help the next generation to succeed. We...

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