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It is always amazing to meet new people that share your interests and hobby. That is how this whole idea came to pass, Matt and Scott crossed paths and talk about projects began and they discovered they were both building a similar build and from there the duo’s builds kept progressing. We took note and said, send ’em in boys we want to also share your creativity and outstanding builds. We know you all will appreciate the effort these fine lads put into bringing them to fruition. 





Matt’s build comments and pics:

I had not yet done a build entirely from scratch, I knew I wanted to build something but wasn’t sure what until I came across Keith Northrups Trophy Rat, soon as I seen it I knew that was what I wanted to build.  Work was very busy and the build got pushed to the side many times. Scott and I both attended the team KNKTTC4 competition.  We talked and we realize that we were doing the same build or planning on doing so we kind of wanted to do something cool and build these rigs at the same time to give people a chance to see two of the same Rigs made by different builders so they can see the different styles and character from each builder Scott got the ball rolling soon as I seen progress from him I knew it was time to jump on mine, the body is made entirely from scratch from styrene. The chassis is solid 3/16 steel rod parts off a twin hammer, why a twin hammer because I have used that on previous builds and it gives you a nice realistic pre-runner stance. Now that I’ve done my first scratch build I’m hungry to do more I really like to do replica builds the challenge is unreal. Next replica build that will be on the table soon is the Hauk design 1948 Jeep Willy’s seam dually.




















Scott’s build comments and pics:

Inspired by the real truck built by Keith Northrup from Kirkland WA, this “dual” build has been a blast.

This is my first 2WD truck build, I’ve done one trophy truck with an IFS suspension but that wasn’t a full scratch built chassis like the Trophy Rat. I have close to 18’ of tube and rod into it so far. A combination of 3/16” brake line, 1/8 and 1/16” welding rod. It has a skid plate, used Traxxas front A arms, a generic set of Fox look alike shocks, 80mm front, 70mm rear with 40wt Losi oil front and rear. Rear is a 4 link and has an SCX10 rear axle. Power is by Castle Creations – 5700Kv 1406 motor, Sidewinder ESC and 10 BEC. Servo is a Hitec 645MG. Body is all styrene, from .060 sheet. Hand formed into a close resemblance to a 1937 International D series pick-up. Still figuring out an interior and a few loose ends, but it is a blast to drive! May need a rear sway bar, am playing with rear spring pre-loads, it wants to swing out under acceleration, but is a ton of fun to drive!

























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  1. Bobby Spencer

    hey my friend thats one nice build an i an just getting in to styrene building well i been working at it an i would like to know if you had any drawings of that great looking truck to help me build me one just like it an well i dont know really what to ask for but drawing of all the pieces the size it is ok well i hope you know an can or will help thanks my friend

    • Bobby Spencer

      oh yeah this is bobby my cell number is 1-276-312-9557 text me i have tried to find thing to build but are they a site i can go to i hope you still building

  2. Bobby Spencer

    hey will a redcat gen 7 work for the chassis


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