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So you are wondering…. “What is RC HUB?” RC HUB is the industry’s latest website that is made specifically for you, the RC ENTHUSIEST. We work tirelessly to bring you the latest and greatest news, events, videos, social media trends and anything else out there that has anything to do with RC. There is no aspect of RC we won’t dive into… be it a Nano Drone with FPV… to a Larger than life RC Monster Truck and everything in between. We will bring in new products for review and give honest un-biased opinions on how they performed in our stress tests. A special interest for us is the CUSTOM BUILD side of RC, because let’s face it we all want to go faster…father… and have a unique twist on our vehicles. We hope that our enthusiasm for this amazing hobby shines through in our articles, posts, reviews, videos… and everything in between.


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