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Where to begin…….. let’s start with a brief description of the individuals that put together this amazing event! AAC (Autism Awareness Crawl) is put on by the ASD Crawlers (Autism Spectrum Disorder) which is headed by two inspiring individuals; Oscar Ramirez aka “The Prez” and Brandon Tomy aka “The VP”.


 These two gentlemen have coupled their love for crawling with something that is near and dear to their hearts! The drive to bring awareness to autism. This event is a year long production, as both Oscar and Brandon work tirelessly to try and secure some of the best sponsors in the hobby. The list of donors is vast obvious by the hundreds of prizes raffled off at the event. Oscar and Brandon make sure that every dime is donated to an organization that is making a difference and helping people affected by ASD. They make an end of the year video, documenting the amount that is being donated and thanking everyone for the support. None of this would be possible though, if not for the small army of volunteers that stand side by side with The Prez and The VP.

This one day event is held in Frank Raines OHV park in Patterson CA. The guys and their volunteers work tirelessly to get the park ready to accommodate the masses that will be invading the park for this awesome event. The park is completely shut down to everyone, only event goers are allowed to use the park. The Saturday starts bright and early, with gates opening at 7 a.m. for those that choose not to camp from the night before.

 Soon after, Oscar can be heard blaring on the microphone that there is free coffee and doughnuts for everyone in the rec hall. Registration and ticket sales are handled by the the volunteers to get everyone what they need and ready for the day.

The event is very family oriented, with kids running, crawling, and playing everywhere. There is literally something for everyone at this event. The show and shine kicks off the day, with awesome rigs being shown off left and right.

The hill climb challenge is another favorite, with rigs trying to get up and down a hill section in the quickest time possible. This is a fun one to watch as well, as carnage is almost always guaranteed!

Lunch is served at around 12 p.m. with every paid registration receiving a hot dog lunch. The break is welcome as the day is only gearing up. The monster truck event is held on a flat section of the park. This year’s course looked amazing! A scaled down version of the actual thing. Monster trucks sending it, everywhere. It was a blast to watch and shoot!

The tug of war was the last day event before the raffle. Rigs lined up to try and tow each other backwards across a line. There was everything from Traxxas TRX4 to VP Rippers. A super fun event to watch with the win going to a really heavy Traxxas TRX4.

These events are icing on the cake along with 3 awesome trails ready for crawling that can be done at anytime. There is also a night trail that remains open all night for those that want to night crawl into the wee hours of the morning.

The culmination of the day before the night events, is the raffle. This hands down is one of the best raffles out on by any event. The shear volume of product, not to mention all the Brand New Rigs! The support and love is obvious for this great event. It’s so cool to see the overwhelming participation by so many in this hobby.

Bikes for the kids that don’t have one, have also been a staple for this event from its onset.

All in all, this is hands down one if the best events put on in California, by people that are passionate about a cause and they’re crawling, I highly recommend you try to make one. Planning by Oscar and Brandon has already started for AAC 20. Thank you again to Oscar and Brandon and the whole crew for such a beautiful event. I can’t wait till next year!  -Mario Z




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