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2016 is turning into a hard body year. Anybody got an SCX10 or a 313mm wheelbase scale rig they are building? You may have just found your new body with Team Raffee’s Cherokee hard body addition, what paint scheme will you choose? How great is it when you get that box of possibilities and begin the build process with a blank slate. Let the creative juices flow and unleash that trail scale builder within.   Click here to head over to...

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They were gone but never forgotten and now they have not only returned, but are returning with a 4 car line up. These pics are prototype pics and some tweaking may take place, but you get the drift. The graphite and aluminum kit was born the way so many great ideas are, backyard bashing and someone says the fateful words “what if”? So instead of the idea staying in the backyard, they started trying to adapt Tamiya WR-02 bodies to M-class chassis and changed course and made a whole new chassis kit the XPRESS K1. They will also be...

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Scalers, behold the chassis, familiar for sure, but now with the option of different bodies to take your rig to new customizing levels. If you checked online people were always buying the kit and ditching the body… NOT ANY MORE ZURG! RC4WD heard their customers and stepped up to the plate. The “Scaleness” of this chassis is top notch, when you see one on the trails it moves and reacts just like it’s 1:1 counterparts. So I am throwing down the gauntlet…. What uber-scaler can you build with this chassis? Included in the kit to get you on your...

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This little beauty will be released this coming week on the 23rd.  They should save you from using your “colorful” vocabulary when trying to switch tires. Forget about boiling pots of water and potential microwave mishaps, those days will be left in the rear-view with this awesome piece of aluminum bling! Simply place – screw – repeat!   Click here to go to...

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XRAY NT 1’16

WOW! This sleek edition of the NT 1’16 1/10 touring nitro on road kit is the newest in the lineage of the NT 1 released by XRAY .  Using state of the art in-house manufacturing and high quality materials, they cnc-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum for the chassis and laminated carbon graphite for shock towers and the radio tray. The drivetrain is triple belt, 4WD the FDR is 2 speed. Both the front and rear differential are sealed silicone. Hudy Spring Steel was used for the rear dog bone drive shafts and the CVD’s on the front. A shortened...

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