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We do hope our new Hierarchy of  Sovereign Overseers (i.e. The Machines), take mercy upon us, when they take control and fit us with their control modules!  Maybe because we are RC enthusiast we will get to retain some of our memories. Thanks SkyNe,t oops I mean Georgia Tech. Future is looking bright, better where sunblock.




So, from what I have read, this project uses some advanced algorithms in conjunction with on-board computing and sensors to not just keep a vehicle stable on a highway, but they wanted to provide it with some expert techniques from humans to adapt to conditions. The team tapped a professor that studies the math behind Rally cars along with many others that I am sure they give props to as well. They tested at the Georgia Tech Autonomous Racing Facility, is sponsored by the U.S. Army Research Office. They used two Rally cars that they custom made to be a balance of weight and electric power.  Take a moment and head over and peruse the plethora of information and more details.


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RCHUB autonomoous-racing1-horiz_1




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