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Well this is my version the Axial EXO… Code Name COPPERHEAD! Ohhh how do I get myself into these messes??? So just like everyone I get super excited about all things new in RC. So way back when there was this game changing new buggy type thingy from Axial (their first foray into a platform meant to go over 5mph). At the time the entire big factory RC players had pretty much abandoned the scale look of things, so when this 4wd buggy came out with an actual scale cage and an interior everyone was blown away!











 I literally picked the first one that hit my local hobby shop and started to build it that first night! What was game changing for the buggy, was also ultimately its downfall. See when you go to change any game you take risks and sometimes you throw stuff on the wall and see what sticks. What Axial quickly found out was that having to disassemble half the car to change out a battery pack was not something that was going to stick.




 Seeing all the downfalls right away I opted to build mine as a “Shelfie” (yes you read that correctly!), basically a high level build destined for shelf glory rather than yard thrashing. The only major kit change was the shocks, I never was able to get any of the factory shocks not to leak. So into the bin they went and I ordered up some way scale GMADE shocks! With that settled next came time to optimize all the scale features. I used a lot of the little extras Axial tosses in for free as well as other things I had lying around from Pro-Line and an all aluminum tool set from Rogue Elements. Heck I even found the coolest scale looking engine from a Disney Cars toy from Toys-R-Us!  When it was time for all the panels I actually wanted to hand fabricate all of them in copper but when that was way more frustrating than I ever dreamed(obviously this build was my training ground for the”Precious Metal” build). I found ALCLAD. Alclad paints literally have metals infused into the actual paint itself…. So when you want chrome it kind of really is chrome and the same with the copper and so on. The detail is very hard to get in the pictures so maybe I will bring it out to some events so you guys can see it in person.  











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