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We find ourselves on another Fine Fine Friday and today we are showing off the talents of Illya. Amazing detail with a devotion to making a one of a kind. While it may take some time to make the vision in your head come out and play and grow into an awe inspiring beast it sure is worth it in the end. We take a knee to your creation.









rc-hub-illya-rc-ff-9BUILD INFO AND COMMENTS:

For quite some time I felt like I had to build something different. Perhaps maybe even a bit outrageous. Something not really done before. I wanted to create something badass and over the top. Something that could tackle everything I would throw at her. Well, everything maybe a bit much. But a lot. As a base I wanted to use the well-known SCX10 chassis. On the Proline website I noticed the Wrangler Body 3452 for the Yeti. As far as I could find, nobody had ever installed this body on a SCX10 base. It could work… The Yeti has a much larger wheelbase. But this specific body? I had to lengthen the wheelbase from 12.5 to 13.6.

I started thinking about a theme. All my rigs are based on a theme and a project name. As a fan of the Call of Duty games I started thinking about Call of Duty. As I am not native English I was wondering if “Crawl of Duty” would make sense. I asked some guys if it would make sense, grammatically. They all agreed that it sounded strange, but it was possible. So a project name was born: COD and I started thinking about logo, colors etc. The graphic layout.

As a regular YouTube video content creator I also watch a lot of YouTube videos from others. So I also watch the RC Militia videos from Jeremy and Jamara a lot and I like the idea what Jamara does with Puffypaint. It’s new, it’s creative and the possibilities are endless. Yes, I know. Puffypaint suffers from its name. If it had been called “Rc supercreative paint”, more people would use it. But I decided that I would use that paint on this body, trying to make it more unique. The gathering of parts began. My sponsor Asiatees did send some beautiful axles and a ton of other stuff. Nothing on this build did fit immediately. Almost every part had to be adjusted, modified or customized in some way. The shock hoops had to be relocated to create the needed wheelbase and make the body posts fit the best position under the body as possible. The rock lights on the front axle is an idea I stole from the KOH (King of the Hammers) trucks. Very useful, very unique. To keep the story simple. The only part that wasn’t modified is the receiver box. I made the internal light bars (front and rear) myself and I wanted to make a stealth conductive system here. So no wires from the chassis to the body for the lights.

At first I wanted the COD to run brushless. But after some testing with a brushless setup, I decided it would be a better choice to go with a better quality brushed setup and I ordered the Tekin Combo. For the COD I am using 48P gears 16/87 ratio. The Tekin is running on 3S as I found that to be the smoothest combo. The wiring was getting a real mess with 22 leds, 2 Bec’s, a cooling fan for the Tekin Esc and 2 Winches. To be honest, nobody was allowed to take a look underneath the body due to the mess of the wires.

In the end, I finally took her out to play. That was at a serious hardcore Crawl and comp’ where she took 3rd place! She proved herself even whilst looking like a Behemoth. A slow, clumsy and inefficient rig. But instead she takes on obstacles with the grace of a ballet dancer. Watching her drive real slow and creeping over an obstacle real smooth is almost sensual (as some described it). I am not really a fan of lots of flex. But this COD might benefit from some extra functional flex. So she is the only rig here who is allowed to flex like berserkJ. The irony is: many expect her to be a fast rig, due to the way she looks with that aggressive Yeti body. But in fact, even on 3S she is pretty slow because of the gearing ratio. She is a slow creeper.

Facts & figures on this build:

Total costs materials used: over: $1400
Tekin Fxr Esc & 35T HD motor running on 3S
CYS S-BLS9125 servo
Castle Creations 20A Bec
Overdrive gears front
axle/ underdrive gears rear axle
PitBull Rockbeast XoR 2.2 tires with Crawler Innovations Double Deuce foams
2 Winches
9.5 pounds
60% made of Boomracing parts








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