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Adam’s UDR build info;

Bringing back a classic and in memory of Grandpa Long.  My name is Adam Ebersole and I am from the small town of East Berlin, PA.  Growing up I had my fair share of RC’s, all fast-all bash.  Then my interest focused on my 1:1’s. Now starting a family of my own I obviously wanted to be home and work on a smaller scale hobby that my son can grow into and the ‘crawlers’ brought me back in the game.  But I always had that need for speed.  So Traxxas was kind enough to create this monster UDR and if you own one…empty our wallets. Now I’m not one to go to the track or course and have my truck looking like yours so obviously paint scheme was on my mind. I do not consider myself an expert at all and I’ve seen plenty other UDR’s looking pretty slick, But this was a fun project that I think turned out pretty well. I had a few different schemes in mind then I saw the picture in my living room of my great grandpa Long and his Sinclair gas company truck that he drove until he became an independent driver, so in memory of them I had it all figured out. I call this one ‘The DINO’. As of now this speed demon is mostly cosmetics, as far as chassis upgrades it simply has your Hot Racing disc hubs all the way around, Hot Racing lower trailing arms and I upgraded to a Savox server. I got the stainless engine cover through RCLions and the rest will be upgraded as needed.  I used all Tamiya paints on this one and backed it all with silver. As you know these bodies take a beaten, so I duct taped the entire under side and shoe goo’d all of that for extra strength.  To enjoy this truck without replacing parts after every pack, I do drive it scale although The DINO has seen its fair share of cartwheels and barrel rolls. And it’s holding up well. But I’m not going to lie, the original Rigid body does get most of the track time.

Adam’s Work Horse build;

This build is called Work Horse build. It has been something I wanted to do for some time, we have a family run Landscape supply yard and are always running deliveries and this is a replica of one of our best trucks we owned. The build started out as a TF2 that I extended the chassis and used the RC4WD k5 Blazer cab. It is the stock RC4WD two speed trans and HH 1080 ESC with FlySky receiver. Then from the cab back is all scratch built using scrap parts and the bed is 100% styrene and built strong. The lift cylinder is an L16 Actuonix Linear actuator, working off the radio. All lights work from cab markers to taillights in the custom bumper/hitch. The original chassis and body build were from a dually. Now the beds are interchangeable from ‘Crawler Hauler” to the ‘Work Horse’ for that course maintenance. The build took about 4 months working on it when I could. A lot of inspiration goes into each build and with a great RC community to help, builds like this can happen.






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