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Friday, I swear it was just Monday! Nevertheless we welcome Friday with open mufflers and full speed ahead. Alex is dazzling us with his paint on his custom build, don’t let your eyes FLAKE OUT as you gaze upon it!








Alex’s build info:

This Flaked out square body gasser all started out as a pile of scrap parts. My father was building a full size square body but had to use two of the RC4WD K5 bodies to extend the bed and cap the back of the cab off. So instead of him throwing out the scrap pieces, I ask if he needed them and ultimately was going to slap them together and just make a beater body out of it for a buggy chassis I had. But the more I did to it the more I saw that it was way more than just a hooligan car. It was taking shape of an altered wheel base square body gasser! So once everything was smoothed out and primed I started to think of what color I would go with and remembered my dad had a jar of lil’ daddy Roth’s blue balls metal flake sitting In his shops window sill for Years! So after mixing up the flake into a few batches of nitro lacquer clear we came out with a killer flake paint job that was just screaming 70’s gasser. Instantly we agreed it needed to have a name, once we decide on it we drew it up and got a buddy of ours to cut the name out of vinyl and we clear coated over top so they are there to stay. As far as mounting it to a chassis I decided to go with a heavily modified Kyosho Scorpion chassis, then cut my own platforms to mount all the electronics and body to. The engine in the front is out of an old 1/8th scale Corvette model kit. I cut and flared the intake stacks and my father bent and brazed the headers out of brake line. This build is definitely far from done but my god does it put a smile on my face every time I see it. The truck is exactly what I wanted when the image came to mind. Next up on the project list for it will be to plum the entire engine bay, make an interior (with driver), and make up some rad engine turned aluminum panels for it. Thanks for all the support I hope you all like it just as much as me!!!










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