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WOW, Can’t say it enough, every Friday we are gobsmacked by talent and this Friday is no exception as a matter of fact it is quite Exceptional!!! Inspiration comes from many places, and to not only take inspiration, but to painstakingly recreate a 1:1 is a whole nother matter. And as we all know the project takes on a life of its own and they are never truly done. Bravo Ben Bravo…..











 I’m Ben Ludgater from (Rapid Replications QLD Australia) here’s a fairly brief summary of what has gone into the build for my replica of David Frieburger’s 1974 Chevrolet C10 known as “the Muscle truck” (as seen in episodes 18, 28 and 36 of the YouTube/Motor Trend show “Roadkill”), and is built specifically to match the real thing after its rebuild as seen in Motor Trend’s HotRod Garage Ep.5.

  The chassis:

Based off the popular RC4WD Trail Finder 2 (4×4) scale crawler chassis,

*The Rear- reconfigured for road ride height by flattening out the rear leaf springs and configuring them as “spring under” (under the axle tubes) rather than the stock “spring over” style, modifying the rear shackle mounting location to the chassis and also running a pair of RC4WD 40mm mini shocks (made for the 1:18 Gelande 2 chassis) this closely matched the rear suspension geometry of the subject vehicle.

*In the middle – lay a stock RC4WD R3 (2 speed transmission) without the usual transfer case as only the rear end is driven, and done so via a pair of tailshafts running through a custom carrier bearing and chassis cross member.

*The front end has been severely customized, no longer a 4×4 vehicle as the front leaf springs and differential are gone. In its place a full custom designed and built independent front suspension set up. Custom front cradle, lower control arms, shock towers, C hubs, upper arms and steering components were made from scratch (3D printed and handmade alloy parts). Only utilizing a pair of SCX10 knuckles and bearings with shaved drive cups and some modified touring car shocks with micro springs and custom retainers. All coming together to provide identical steering geometry to the real thing (in steering angle and Ackerman) which allows it to handle authentically (as can be seen in the running videos on Facebook/Rapid Replications).

*The wheels are also a custom designed 3D printed piece to match the real equivalent of a 17×8 steel rim, wrapped in 74mm OD rubber tyres (from a Chinese RC buggy) that suited the body for dimensions. (Also see pictures for rear fenders removed with larger (RC4WD mud thrashers) standing in for the 37″ “boggers” used when the truck was taken dune bashing)

The body:

Originally an RC4WD K5 Blazer hardbody, cut down into a cab, with rear window and cab wall fabricated. The rear bed is styrene with a wood bed floor and a printed step notch cover in the middle, whereas the rear fenders and molded polymorph (see mold pictures) with body filler etc. over the top to achieve the desired finish. The tail lights (are RC4WD option parts for the SCX10 JK jeeps) stealth mounted through the tub frame. The rear bumper is custom hung after being narrowed and shaved on the underside with a recess to the rear axle where a fuel cell is hung complete with external fuel pump.

Painted (mix of air brush and hand painting) to match the 1:1’s appearance after its rebuild in the Hotrod garage episode (with the fresh black front 1/4 panels) including minor surface rust, the patches on the fenders, the over-spray etc. and topped off with a hand cut “Roadkill” logo across the back window.

**Still To Come In The Future – 

-detail engine bay complete with inner fender wells and an LS6 with MSD atomic EFI. 

-an accurate interior (to replace the stock k5 blazer interior fitted now) complete with ratchet shifter, cup holders and bench seat.

















In case you have never seen the show, this is the 1:1 inspiration for Ben’s build!!!!!! Spot on Ben.. 







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