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Welcome to Fan Friday, we have Craig and his amazing rig. It goes to show, when the urge to build strikes, watch out something magical is going to happen. Trades, weddings, moves and deadlines he navigated through it all to come out the other side, married and relocated and an outstanding customized vehicle. A toast to all of your victories.















Craig’s Build Comments:

When RC4WD released the Gelande Cruiser, I knew I had to have one. Especially since I have always loved the FJ body Toyotas. I saw one come up on a Facebook group that a guy was willing to trade for one of my Trailfinder 2 trucks. We struck a deal and the trade was made. Now this Gelande was not in pristine condition per say. In fact it was used and abused. Well, life, at that time and I didn’t have time to work on it. Trying to plan my wedding, honeymoon and moving from my hometown of Kokomo, Indiana across the United States to Los Angeles. Approximately a year passed and I got the scale itch again. That is when I decided to finish this rig. I set off by repairing what I could on the body. There was a massive crack on the rear corner and a couple of cracks on the doors. I used plastruct products to repair these parts. I then proceeded with some putty to smooth things out. After a sanding and a wash I was ready for paint. The paint job was pretty simple for the primer and base coat. I used Rust Oleum’s camouflage paint and sprayed the main body a light green and the roof a tan. I also decide to replace the interior and coordinate the colors inside. I next set off to “weather” the body. I used a wash that I made using Vallejo model colors. After the washes were done. I proceeded with the rust. For this I used Triangle Coatings Sophisticated Solutions rust antiquing set. I went over the body sparingly and tried to hit spots that are prone to rust on 1:1 Land Cruisers. Then I proceeded on to the chassis. I had to replace some bearings in the transfer case and transmission with a sealed set from Fast Eddie’s. I also rebuilt the shocks with some x rings I got from McMaster Carr.  I also used Gmade SR02 wheels wrapped with Rc4wd Rock Crusher X/T’s. I used the rusting solution to speed up the process on the raw steel wheels. The electronics were already sorted out in my mind. I used Castle Creations Sidewinder3, BEC, Savox waterproof servo and Tekin HD 35 turn motor. I also installed an inner fender kit that I received with this. I just used a rust oleum flat black paint to paint these. I had a couple of weeks to do this to get this truck complete to run at a local event at Vasquez Rocks in sunny Southern California. So I pushed hard to complete it.  I wired up the lights and electronics two nights before the event and finished the odds and ends the night before. Its maiden voyage went rather well and I was quite impressed with the handling of this rig. The scale appearance was also well received by my peers, which renewed my confidence in this hobby. 








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