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Gianni’s Build INFO!

It all started for me 4 years ago when I went to collecting classic Tamiya RC cars. The last year, I focused myself on building RC rally cars, but in a rather detailed way. Because of building the Corolla from Loix the previous year, I wanted to go with the same ‘Marlboro’ livery style instead of the box art ‘Castrol’. This car was the 4th detailed rally car in the pipeline which was the first already built body. A real makeover was necessary as getting rid of the paint on the light areas, grill areas, smoke sticker window tint. With the preparations out of the way, I needed to make sure I got all the right brands and colors. The car was completely sprayed in white by the previous owner, so I decided to buy a big transparent red sticker sheet. The sticker was surprisingly good to heat with a hairdryer to stretch around the curves. The brands did match with Loix’ later Toyota Corolla. For that car, I designed my own decals and had them printed in Canada then shipped to Belgium. Fortunately I bought multiple sets of them, so I was able to use the sponsorships for the Celica. Besides the stickers, I made my own light buckets out of Lexan leftovers and chrome silver decal sheet. Taillights got sprayed smoke black tint followed by translucent red and orange. A great tip for adding the ultimate detail to your lights is a texture sheet (narrow lines for the headlights, delta for the taillights). 

The mesh I used for the grills is simply from a window screen coated in flat black. A ton of other things were added to the exterior of the body to increase the detail. The cockpit I painted is from Tamiya to stay traditional. As Loix wasn’t as known as McRae or other WRC champions, it was hard to find out how his and co-driver helmet and clothing looked. Tons of videos were watched and a lot of screenshots were taken. The complete cockpit is painted by hand you really have to look close to see all the details. You can all imagine how much time was spent on that part too. Roll cage is homemade out of balloon tubes heated by a lighter. 

Finally everything was ready to be mounted onto the chassis. The wheels were set a bit wider than normal for the correct look and to make the wheels fit perfectly under the arches.  

During the process, I got it signed by Loix himself at the 2019 Renties Ypres rally in Belgium. He admired my work and signed them on the roof inside of the body. My hands rarely shake, but then my hands went crazy out of excitement in combination with a bit of stress. 

A month later, the car got finished and was ready for some pictures outside.












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