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Isaac’s build info:

This is basically the start of my little jeep. I started with just a set of SSD axles I had laying around and an Axial transmission. I decided that I wanted a china 2 door jeep, and I wanted a nice one! I ordered the GCM skeleton chassis to start this build off. It went together in just the red stock color at the beginning of its life. Had SSD 1.9 wheels, 4.45 Pitbul Rockbeasts, a Holmes Shv500 servo and an SSD winch. I only run brushed motors, so it had a Tekin 45 turn on 3S. I only drove it twice this way. I guess it just was not what I had in my mind when I put it together, so it sat, and I drove my ol’ faithful TF2! I decided last month it was time to make it my own. I had put some thought into what it is I really wanted, were it would not only look good to me, but perform pretty well also. I want a truck that will get scratches with the occasional tumble! Lol. I try to limit hard falls though! So I tore the whole truck down, my first need was a roll cage, but no one makes one anywhere that would fit my idea, so I decided to make it myself. I used simple brake line, a tube bender, a chainsaw chain hand file to fish eye all the joints. I spent about 2 days and for my first cage I was very happy with it. I decided to remove the doors, but I did not want the holes in the body where the hinges were, so I filled them in, smoothed the tailgate where the spare tire was originally mounted. I did some fender trimming, I wanted it to still retain fenders, but I wanted them to just flow and not stick out too far! I then was looking at the rear floor area, at that point I still had the rear seat base in there. I thought, it would really make this jeep stand out if I could put a flat floor in there! So I did some internet browsing and decided I was going to run a dinky cantilever setup. It gave me all the room I needed to cut the rear seat out! By then, I was trying to decide on a color, I tend to favor silver for some reason?!? So I wanted something simple, but yet bright. I wanted a tan color in my interior because the darker colors tend to hide things too easy! By then I was ordering my parts that I needed to get the truck going again. I had borrowed the electrics out for another truck, that I wasn’t driving it anyway! I had in mind I would like to be able to run it in a few competitions, just for the fun of it. So I ordered what I could afford to where the truck would do pretty good. Not the best maybe?!? I have always stayed with brushed motors, so I decided on a Holmes hobbies crawl master pro 16 turn on an 11 tooth pinion. A HH SHV500v2 servo, so at 8 volts it still has about 500 ounces of torque. A simple Hobbywing 1060. I had a 1080 fail, so I stuck with the base ESC. I wanted to keep a good approach angle so I bought a HEYOK servo winch. I am running 2 Castle Creations BEC’s so I can power my servo at a higher voltage than the Spectrum receiver. I run 6 volts to the receiver to keep my winch happy and 8 volts to the steering servo. I decided on some new locked up RC axles, and FI heavyweight FI spools, the truck is over/under driven with Axial hardened gears, and a fresh set of bearings. I installed the SSD C hubs and Knuckles, Junfac drive shafts, hardened gears in the transmission and 3S 1800mah batteries. Vanquish incision 1.9 wheels, and a Vanquish 25tooth 24mm servo horn. The main problem is squeezing all the electrics under this jeep without too much rear weight! I run my trucks with a very heavy front bias so I had some thinking to do! How do I not have to put the battery in the rear, squeeze 2 servos, ESC, and the rest with a battery and still make the body easy to remove. I drilled into the rear bumper and put studs in, to where the body grabs them and it stays secured well. The front, I know most people use 2 bolts right under the front of the hood securing it from the chassis. I decided to screw on body posts from the body facing downward. So I just push the body down and from underneath there are 2 body clips. It’s pretty easy to remove the body now! I just finished the little jeep a few hours ago as I write this and I am going to test run it tomorrow and I hope in 2 days to take it to a local comp.   














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