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Flying Friday is here and everyone take shelter in its shadow and slow down for a minute to relax and enjoy summer salvation!











Josh’s Build info:

 Pro-Mod Grave Digger. It’s the truck I’m known for through Trigger King RC.

I started in the Hobby around late 2008 so it’s been almost 10 years now. I’ve had multiple Grave Digger builds, none mean more to me than my current ACRC Chaos Grave Digger. It was built in December of 2017. In its debut season took 3rd in Pro-Mod racing points, and won the Freestyle points championship. It’s currently leading Trigger King Pro-Mod racing points.

This truck is Clodbuster based, running two Aluminum counter gears in both the front and rear axles. I run the Thunder tech Racing CVD/Straight axle combo. These replace the stock Clodbuster axle shafts. They are 10x stronger than the stock shafts and help this truck withstand the wild moments in Freestyle it’s known for. The CVD in front in addition to strengthening also improves the steering throw. The Straight Axle eliminates the need for a steering lockout. The axle braces are from ZRP Racing. They also add strength and durability to the truck saving the axle tubes from breaking on hard impacts. Also, they add to the Grave Digger look with the powder coated Green color. 

I’m running duel Graupner Genius Turbo 120R ESC’s with 6.5t Sensored Brushless motors. They pack a lot of punch! Without those systems I wouldn’t be anywhere near as fast, or pull off any of the wild things I do in Freestyle. The 13T Robinson Racing pinions keep it at a perfect top end speed as most tracks we run don’t require a pinion adjustment.

I’m using JConcept’s Tribute wheels, Blue Compound Renegades, and Crawler Innovations 2.6 Deuces Wild closed cell foams. They are the perfect combination for grip and provide quite a bit of sidewall stability. Where other foams flex the sidewalls, the CI foams keep it from having so much flex, keeping all four tires planted and preventing traction rollovers. Also putting a bigger footprint on the ground under power, preventing the balloon effect most tires have with other foams.

The chassis is an Absolute Chaos RC Chassis designed by Bob C. Chandler and Chris Blank with slight input from me. The setup gets compared to a ZRP Diablo but the two chassis drive completely different. The Chaos has the best feel of any chassis I’ve driven, and I’ve had them all pretty much. The sway bar is my favorite feature. It’s mounted higher in the chassis, extends out, and is attached to the lower link bar. It helps the truck throw its weight around by helping the rear end pivot the front around quicker in cornering. 

Lastly, my graphics! The body is a Pro-Line 50s panel van with a custom flame job from EZ Customs. The iconic Grave Digger scheme was printed by my friend John Arnold of J. B. Scale Graphics. John also did the flag mounted on the back of the truck to complete the Grave Digger look. A huge thanks goes out to J. B. Scale Graphics and ACRC, they are great friends and Sponsors, Also my very supportive girlfriend Morgan! Without them I wouldn’t be in the game.












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