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Before you put on your costume and stalk your neighborhood because its Halloween on Monday and not just your normal weekend plans. Please enjoy this awesome build brought to you by Kelly, she was brought to the hobby by love and love is what she giveth in return to the hobby. She has wholly embraced the customizing and even some competitiveness along with RC planes and a little gun play. Please help us to give a warm welcome to this weeks Fan Friday  Kelly McElderry.







Hello, my name is Kelly McElderry. I am from Kansas and am married to my best friend, Cody. I met my husband 4 years ago and he introduced me to his passion, the RC hobby. I instantly fell in love with it too. When you and your spouse have the same passion and interests it becomes an addiction! He has taught me everything I know, from building and flying scale RC planes to building and maintaining an insane RC crawler!

     The RC hobby is so much more than going out and playing with some toys. The extra personal details in a build, the strategies to get through a course, it all adds to the joy and pride of the hobby. Everyone needs some type of release in life, to unwind from a busy day or clear a racing mind, this hobby is that for me. Plus, the jumping and air first pumps when I conquer something makes it that much more fun! Cody and I are always trying to bring new people into the hobby. It never fails, when we pass our controller to someone for the first time and they get to tear through a track full throttle or flex over an obstacle their faces light up and are hooked. How can you pass on something that brings the kid in you out! 

     My first and favorite build is my Axial Wraith Spawn. I instantly tore it apart and starting upgrading it to make it my personal beast!  Here is a list of all my upgrades I have done to her. 

Boomracing Upgrades:

  1. Aluminum Steering Linkage #BR247004S
  2. Aluminum HD Steering Block #BR247005G
  3. Aluminum Upper Linkage #BR247006G
  4. Aluminum Chassis Linkage #BR247007G
  5. Aluminum Lower Suspension Link Mount #BR247008G
  6. Aluminum Rear Axle Lock-Out #BR247012G
  7. Aluminum Front Offset Axle Link Mount #BR247018S
  8. Aluminum Rear Offset Axle Link Mount #BR247019S
  9. Type G Piggyback Internal Spring Shocks w/ Functional Reservoir 100mm #BRSG0100G &        BRSG0110G
  10. Aluminum Front C-Hub #WR019S
  11. Eco 2.2 High Mass Beadlock Aluminum Wheels #BRW770102
  12. Aluminum Skid Plate #BR247022GM
  13. Aluminum Front HD Bull Bar #BR247030S

Non-Boomracing upgrades:

  1. Aluminum Axial Side Panels – Amazon
  2. DMG Wraith Diff. Skid Plate #DMGSK10001 $ DMGSK10002
  3. Axial Universal Joints #AXI30563
  4. MIP Spline Center CVD Kit #MIP1116
  5. Proline 2.2 Super Swamper Tires #10107-14
  6. Flying Dutchman – Ba Box & Da Tray (front battery tray & trunk tray)
  7. Tekin ROC 412 Brushless 3100K V Motor #TT2600
  8. Castle Creations 1/10 Mamba Max Pro ESC Smart Sense #010-0066-00
  9. Castle Creations CC BEC 10A 6S Regulator #010-0004-00
  10. Proline Scale Accessories
  11. Axial Wraith Chassis Lowering Kit #WR-01 CLK










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