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Apocalypse, but in a good creative scale build way. Marco’s junkyard build is the definition of unique. Happy Friday to all enjoy this weeks builder and his talents. 















Marco’s build info:

My idea is to build an abandoned vintage truck, I started with a Tamiya Bullhead hardbody, I already had a MST CFX W for the chassis (in-progress) so I just bought the body, front grille and exhaust on Ebay. I’m not really a fan of the Peterbuilt look with the stock massive square front, I wanted a more unique round grille so I built the grille with styrene. Not an easy job  I had to start over three time as it forced me to enlarge the front of hood about 2,7 cm (cut a semi round piece of styrene that would fit the  hood and the grille). I filled the little gap with Tamiya putty, I liked it because it dried fast and is easy to clean with acetone.

Using my Dremel like tool, I made some holes in the fender and others places to replicate rust holes. Careful not to overdo it, I want a weathered truck not a wrecked truck… I also shortened the exhaust to fit on each side of the hood (screwed and glued). Around the grille I made a fake weld line with styrene and also drilled a hole through the grille to put a piece of cloth and wood as if the tank cap has been stolen or lost.

 The passenger window is replaced by a piece of transparent plastic bag and the top of the truck is made with paper and glue to replicate a torn top tissue. The leather strap to maintain the hood is a piece of real leather sanded with X-Acto knife for more of a vintage look.

A spare tire and rear cage of a Vaterra K10 trimmed it and fit perfect!

Now the weathering process began nothing really new just patience and imagination… First I started with 2 light coats of automotive primer (brown) let it dry overnight, next using Tamiya XF paint grey / light blue  which I brushed (with cheap paintbrush) all over the body, let it dry and repeated several times to add effect and shadow. No rust solution was used in the weathering process just oil paint, rust resin, brown sand paint and other different tones. Different washes, black, rust etc. enhance the look and some pigments (just pastel pen broken into powder) to add dust here and here.

The driver is a customized figure and the seat is a piece of styrene covered with real sheet of leather, torn to let the spring and foam come through a bit. Just for fun I added the magazine and a paper roll.



















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