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Friday Glorious Friday is upon us and this week we shine a spot light on Michael Blazer and his Blazer’s Builds.. We are extremely grateful that Michael has agreed to share this custom built one off masterpiece with us! His builds and his video are the definition of detail.We say BRAVO BRAVO..!!



Michael’s build comments:

This build started as an idea for a simple rollback build out of a New Bright CXT body and turned into a fully functional long term project. Once I started on it the ideas kept flowing and I realized I had to cover all the details:
It features all working lights, sounds and wrecker functions.

Drive train consists of AR60 axles, lengthened wb8 drive shafts, Tamiya 3 speed trans power buy a Jack Spec motor, and a 10,000mah lipo battery.

The bed is lifted by a linear actuator and the rollout is ran by a jack shaft spun by a servo. The wheel lift is lifted by a servo in the frame.

The turn signals are ran by a smart led system, the rest of the lights are individually wired. The motor sounds come from an ESS 1 sound system and the backup lights and beeper are ran by Heyok components.

Mud flaps were special made by Chris M Browning.

 Krawler Konceptz made this look even more real with all the little details of decals and logos that make the build.
Wheels and tires were modified from an early model New Bright.

The frame, bed, wheel lift, suspension, headache rack, tool boxes, controls, and all the other details I hand made. 



To see more of all of his amazing creations head on over to Blazers Builds on Facebook CLICK HERE!





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