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Are you ready for round two with Raul Cruz and his Epic Custom Semi Builds…. Well buckle up buttercup because this is happening sweetheart!










What we have above here is a full custom King hauler that’s been stretched, chopped, slammed finessed and smoothed out all by Raul’s hand. This amazing build took him a year and a half and apparently this is only phase 1! If you look close this rig will light up the night with 150 working LEDs that have every single wire painstakingly hidden beneath all the custom body work, gorgeous yellow paint then hand pin stripped custom exterior. Phase two is a matching trailer that we are sure will blow us all away and you better believe we will have the build up when he is done with the back end! Now lets look ahead to phase two of his PART 2 Fan Friday … Here we have the completely opposite style truck but with no less handy work and creativity. The Purple Tire Slayer you see below is another out of the box build with again custom touches from stem to stern.  Custom “Z” chassis, fire breathing Nitro engine with functional stacks as well as some nice solid foams to put those RPM’s to the ground. This beast will wake the dead so Raul has to chose wisely when he really wants to show off and lay some asphalt stripes! Custom mounted Carbon Fiber wing helps settle down the truck and keep it plant when its running through the lights. The custom tri-color metal flake paint job really brings this truck build to a league of its own! Once again we can’t thank Raul enough for sharing his amazing rigs with us and our fans…  We will sit anxiously waiting for his next submission to FAN FRIDAY!!!






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