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Not only is it Friday, but it’s a Friday that includes Mr. Graham and that can only mean your day is about to get filled with awesomeness. So prepare for his skills to delight your senses.














 BUILD COMMENTS BY STUART ABOUT HIS —  Blue and White Tamiya “Scorcher 32”

The Tamiya Sand Scorcher was an RC car I wanted from the first time I saw it.  As a kid it was out of my price range, but a couple of years ago I finally managed to get one of the re-release models.
I wanted to do a mix of box art styling and custom work and had a rough idea of a direction.  I knew I wanted to do some 3D printed parts to make the build uniquely my own.
I started building and tinkering.  I spent a bunch of time in FreeCAD designing parts and printing them through Shapeways.  I printed out and laminated my own custom sponsor stickers mixed with some real-world and Tamiya kit stickers. 
Every step of the way, I imagined my 1:10 scale drivers working on the project themselves – and I had a lot of fun mocking up pictures of their work.  I had (and still have) fun showing off their progress on Instagram.  Finally, after the build was done and I got some good glamour shots, my son and I went out to scorch some sand.   The car gets regular use.  I always manage to snag some good action shots when my son is at the controls. Like all my cars, this build will evolve over time with more details to be added.

Scorcher 32 includes…

    •    Box-art themed paint pattern, but with TS-45 Pearl White, TS-51 Racing Blue, and TS-65 Pearl Clear
    •    My own custom designed and printed VW flat four engine with wiring and belts that attaches directly to the Scorcher’s motor housing.
    •    Upgraded after-market wheels with Tamiya Sand Blaster tires.  The front tires are cut and glued to make a narrower custom tire to fit the rim.
    •    My own designed and printed front bumper/skid – painted black as a throw-back to the Mk.1 Scorcher original release.
    •    My own designed and printed side-view mirrors with real mirrors embedded.
    •    Custom imagined sponsor stickers, club stickers, off-road park windshield tags, and Ohio license plate and registration.
    •    Custom interior with dash details, NOS tanks, and Wild Willy driver
    •    Roof rack with custom fabricated cleats for mounting.

Future enhancements…

    •    More interior details, realistic inner-fenders, and floor pan.
    •    Lighting all the way around.
    •    Scale detail accessories for the roof rack.



















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