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RC HUB, is pleased to present and feature some builds by Michael George, he shares and captures the enthusiasm that a lot of us in RC feel. We do this “RC THING”, not because it fills hours, it is our outlet for expressing ourselves in so many ways. It is a conduit for many avenues of creativity.  We are very humbled that Munster RC Creations has shared so much of his talents with us and also a heartfelt summary of what RC means for every person with this awesome addiction! Our hats off to all the builders out there, go make it yours!

Here is the Man of the Hour in his own words:

Hello I’m Mike and I’m an addict… I’m an RC addict in every aspect of the hobby. I’m 42, married, 2 kids, 1 dog & 2 cats I live and work in Quakertown, Pa. Currently I work for an Apartment complex a minute from my house as maintenance technician, been in this line of work 20+years. As a homeowner, I have all the normal stress and financial responsibilities to go with it. No matter what the family and the bills always come first. I say this for a reason to stress that “Munster RC Creations” is me, and only me. I’m one man on a monthly budget doing the best I can. I’ve been called an addict, junkie, enthusiast, crazy and/or nuts etc… all very fitting, but a hobby, not so much, no it’s a lifestyle for me. I’m Proud to share that I’m 7 yrs. sober to date, coincidentally been doing RC about the same amount of time. You could say I traded one addiction for another, I do think RC is a vice, RC is away for me to relax, and RC is special to me because it is my time.

In the beginning, it was a used T Maxx that started it all. I had not touched an RC since the “Tamiya Hornet” I owned in the late 80’s and I knew even less about Nitro cars. Once home, I immediately broke it down with the intentions of just cleaning it up. Armed with a strong maintenance and artistic background I was confident I could do this. Well, for the first 3-4 weeks I drove the guys at Traxxas Support crazy, with an endless amount of ridiculous questions. With the help of many YouTube videos, and a ton of trial & error, I worked my way through it. No doubt this was a great learning experience and this crash course was the most beneficial thing I could have done. Only one problem this simple cleaning turned into a complete rebuild project. I took an everyday basher and turned it into a tricked out, hopped up aluminum shelf queen. Somehow I ended up replacing every single part, from the motor to the final grub screws. It was obvious to me and others around me I found great joy when I working on the truck, it was peaceful and energizing for me. This was a chance to express myself and be creative when designing theme builds. One big downside with having only one truck is that it’s always on the operating table and I never get a chance to enjoy bashing it around. I feel your first RC car is much like your first tattoo, you never stop with just one, and it will always eventually lead to another. Armed now with a 2nd T Maxx, I quickly discovered the cons of owning a Nitro car, between the tuning, glow plugs and after run maintenance it is constant battle and a huge headache. To counter these issues that haunt the Nitro community I was reminded of the joy simplicity of the electric plug and play mentality. I discovered we came a long way since that Tamiya Hornet I was playing with 30 years ago. Electric is not what it used to be with the development of LiPo batteries and Brushless motors. Over time I’m evolving and falling in love with everything RC and building up a collection of rigs, something for all aspects of the hobby. I was doing it all and building and customizing a rig to do it all Crawl, Drift, Speed Run, Rally, Buggy, Monster & a SCT for the track days. Last but not the least the mother of all RC’s “Scale’!! The scale scene is simply blowing up; including the crawler and the drift cars it is all about being “scale”. The RC & scale guys are taking over social media and starting up small business trying to keep up with the demand of this fast growing class of RC. It is amazing to think you can be looking at a picture for 20 minutes trying to figure out if it is a RC or real car. I have so much respect for so many builders, you have some big name guys, but it is just as cool to see the RC newbie jump on FB and post pictures of a cutting edge build he just did. Old school guys or new school guys this hobby has room for everyone to blossom and create some of the best RC Porn you can possibly imagine.

At this point with the builds I also developed an addiction for painting bodies, every rig has multiple bodies I can swap on and off. As the number of cars grew, so did my knowledge and abilities with that a growing number tools and gadgets. I added things like a 6 gun air brushing station, spray booth, sand blasting cabinet, a powder coating system and even a hydro dipping kit. I’m a huge supporter of having the right tool for the job, make it easier and not harder. I’ve seen some creative and yet barbaric methods for removing a flywheel from a nitro motor, then I hand them a flywheel tool and say next time try using this. Make it quicker and easier, better yet,  use the right tool for the job nothing gets damaged, no one gets hurt while trying to bash a flywheel off with a sledge hammer and flat head screwdriver.

Now I’m armed with a new arsenal of tools and equipment, building up a collection of cars and experience. Slowly before my eyes this was the rise of something special and the start of “Munster RC Creations”. The name stems from back in HS, Munster, a nickname based off of “Eddie Munster”. Face book was the real reason to change my name, with a growing friends list and 99.9% are RC related I try to keep my personal life separate from the RC stuff. If you are a RC enthusiast and not using something like FB you are missing out on everything. The amount of RC porn, and RC group pages are endless, something for everyone to enjoy. The use of social media has connected us all together, and changed RC forever. It gives us a chance to share ideas, ask questions, a way to just show off a rig. My FB name is Munster RC, currently I’m working on a separate page named Munster RC Creations, please like the page and join me as I continue to this journey in the world of RC. I can say 2016 is off to a great start and putting Munster RC on the map. I started the year off with a special build I was working on a rig I released to the public in April as a tribute build for Autism Awareness, having a son who is on the autism spectrum this was a built from the heart. Then I appeared in RC CAR ACTION, 2 months in a row in the “Readers Rides” section. Companies like Pro-line and Axial were taking notice of me, they were very supportive and generous and sent me stuff to help me out with some builds I was doing at the time. As my FB page was gaining traction I started doing a #tbt post (throwback Thursday) and a weekly tips/review post on Fridays. This developed into a chance for me to partner up as an admin with a very popular FB group page called “Best of the Best RC” online Magazine. Now I still can do my weekly posts but teamed up with this group I’m reaching literally thousands more people. Most recently RC Driver reached out to me and I was featured in the July issue with a full page article. This was leading up to my biggest and most exciting achievement to date, I signed a contract with my sponsor. I’m truly humbled and honored for this chance to have my own sponsorship and work with a company like “Exclusive_RC”. As for me I’m not sure what all of this stuff means yet, I’m a guy that lives for the moment, and right now the moment is good so I’m just going to enjoy it. Come and check out my photo albums on FB,I have hundreds of pictures of my builds. Message me anytime with questions or comments about my stuff or maybe you want to comment on one of your builds.  






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