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The Sport can be a low-wing aerobatic trainer or a “kick back” aircraft. Good for new comers or long “termers”, come one come all, step up and give it a fly! The ailerons, elevator and rudders are pre-hinged and the generous hardware package includes a spinner and parts for a motor mount. It arrives with bays for mini servos already cut out, as well as outlines for standard servos. Look for it later this month so add it to the wish list for Christmas.

Tower Hobbies® Sport GP/EP ARF

Stock# LXGDYP    $119.99



  • Designed for easy everyday flight, yet equally adept at sport aerobatics!
  • Flies great with glow or electric power.
  • Semi-symmetrical airfoil adds stability during takeoffs and landings while boosting aerobatic performance while in flight.
  • Pre-hinged surfaces keep assembly time to a minimum.
  • Servo bays are designed for mini servos, but can be cut to accommodate standard ones.
  • Separate aileron servos make it easy to adjust trims, as well as create custom mixes like “flaperons.”
  • High-quality fiberglass cowl.
  • Easy-to-transport one-piece wing.
  • Spring-latch hatch simplifies battery swaps and fuel system inspections.
  • Tricycle landing gear improves ground handling.



  • Wingspan: 60.2 in [1529mm]
  • Fuselage Length: 48.7 in [1237mm]
  • Wing Area: 592.8 sq. in. [38.24 dm2]
  • Weight: 72 –76 oz. [2041 – 2155g]
  • Wing Loading: 17.49 – 18.46 oz/sq ft [53 – 56 g/dm2]
  • Engine: .46 – .55 cu in [7.5 – 9.0cc] two-stroke glow, .70 cu in [11.5cc] 4-stroke glow
  • Motor: 1.65″ [42mm] 925W, Castle Creations Edge Lite 75 ESC (not included)
  • ESC: 60A – 4S (not included)
  • Radio: 4 – 5-channel, 4 – 5 servos
  • Requirements: 4+ channel radio w/4-5 standard or mini servos, 2-stroke .46-.55 or 4-stroke .70 engine or 42-50-800kV brushless motor, 75A (min.) ESC, 4S 14.8V 3300mAh (min.) LiPo battery and charger, Propeller, Building and field equipment


rc-hub-tower-hobbies-sport-gp-ep-arf-2Compatible with glow or electric power set-ups.


rc-hub-tower-hobbies-sport-gp-ep-arf-4**”Pilot figure not included.”

rc-hub-tower-hobbies-sport-gp-ep-arf-5Servo bays are compatible with mini and standard servos.

rc-hub-tower-hobbies-sport-gp-ep-arf-6Pre-hinged surfaces keep assembly time to a minimum.








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