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Futaba has some new blood in the FPV arena. We wish them great luck. Also take a look at the Final Race at the 2017 MultiGP Drone race that took place in Muncie Indiana last week/weekend.

If you watch any video from the #mgpio2017. Watch this final race.

Nai-post ni Futaba noong Linggo, Agosto 13, 2017


This Colorado native has been active in the RC world for less than two years, but his tireless dedication has really paid off. “I regularly go practice at local events to achieve more consistent, faster races and test my skills against some of the fastest pilots in Colorado and around the country ,” said Chance. 
That dedication is backed by Chance’s passion for the hobby. After his first FPV flight, Chance said, “…it was the best experience of my life. I was 20 feet off the ground and I felt like a bird.” He brings a record of wins at the Kansas Summer State Games, the KCFPV Summer Series and many other tough races, and Chance is excited to go further with Team Futaba. “I have always believed your radios were the gold standard in RC and look forward to growing with Futaba in the drone racing world.” Team Futaba is proud to welcome Chance “FreeFall” Hartman into the ranks.


Nick, who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, has been flying multirotor RC aircraft for less than three years. But he’s already racked up an impressive tally of competition wins. That includes first-place finishes at the 2016 Ohio Crash Site DRL Level 4 and 2016 2A/2B Regional Finals, plus many more. He’s an undisputed champion flying solo and with Team Georgia Tech. “I’ve been fascinated with flying machines since I was a little kid, always looking up to the sky and wondering how I could get there,” Nick says. He was introduced to the RC hobby when he began building fixed-wing UAVs for his Lexington, Kentucky, hometown college. Then he started building and flying his own model planes. Nick found his true calling a year later when he switched to flying FPV racing drones. “Nothing else gives me such an immersive and adrenaline-fueled feeling,” Nick explains. “It’s the full freedom of flight.” Now, in addition to being a professional drone racing pilot, Nick is also completing his degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech University. His sense of humor has made Nick a fan favorite, but he’s all business on the race course. Please join Futaba in welcoming Nick Willard to the team.








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