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Here we go folks yet another aspect of RC HUB that we put together to help give back to the RC community…… Welcome to Hobby Shop Showcase! In this new section we will talk to an insider and ask them some questions and hope to give you a better prospective of what goes on behind the scenes. We like so many others in this field can remember a time when we could barely see over the counter of our first RC store. Those times have definitely changed and so have Hobby Shops, having said that we are guilty of shopping online from time to time but we make it a point to make some kind of purchase every time we walk into a brick and motor hobby shop. These places … the good ones are pure pleasure, they are the beginning, the cornerstone of what this hobby is all about. Call us old fashioned but when you can talk to someone face to face and get their honest opinion on something … that is what helps make good, insightful decisions on purchases made with our hard earned cash. Kicking off this new segment is Falcon Hobby Supply, we bumped into Spencer when he was making going sideways in an RC Car look easy at the STLRC Matsuri!



Falcon Hobby Supply

2700 East Ash Street Springfield, IL 62703



What drew you to open a Hobby Store, how did it begin?

We were already in the salvage R/C business, and the local demand for a Hobby Shop was great.  We had relations with two large distributors in the area, so it was not hard to get started.  We started with a small shop in the front of our old building and quickly ran out of space.  We then moved the shop to a larger portion of the building.  The response was tremendous and the business quickly grew.  We built a U4RC track out back of the building and a drift course inside.  With regular events the hobby community grew and with it did our shop.  We had a fire in September 2016, which destroyed most of the building.  Although it was debilitating at first we were determined to rebuild bigger and better.  We then moved to our new location and have already done such.  The shop is in a much larger location with more inventory and display/demo items than ever before.  With plans for multiple tracks (indoor carpet, outdoor on-road, outdoor off-road, FPV, and more) we strive to bring the community a place to come together and have fun. The tracks should be up and running with regular events within the next year.    

What was your favorite or go to Hobby Store when you got into RC?

There was a small local hobby shop in town Hammers Hobbies.  I personally shopped there before working with Falcon Hobby Supply and Hobb-e-Mart. 

Do you have a preferred RC platform, cars, boats, drones, trains etc. ?

I personally prefer the R/C drifting platform.  I have had several others and drifting seems to have stuck the longest.  With the endless possibility of scale details and customization it really struck my artistic side.  I have been drifting for about 2 ½ years now and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. 

What was your first RC experience?

My first R/C experience would have been an old Nikko Monster truck.  My first hobby grade R/C was a Traxxas Revo 3.3. 

What is the current hottest selling item in your store?

The Blade Inductix, Traxxas Slash 2WD, Scale items, and FPV Quad racing.


Would you say more people shop your store on-line or in store?

Currently we sell more in store.  However, we are working on a new website and plan to launch within the next few months. 

Does your Store feature any RC tracks or host Special Events?

We currently have a small indoor carpet demo/drift track in the back of the shop.  We also have an on-road touring track outside.  We plan to have 1/10 1/8 scale off road tracks, Dirt Oval track, and FPV quad racing by April 2017.  An indoor CRC carpet on road track is also in the plans for winter 2017.  We plan to be hosting weekly events asap.

If you could change one thing about the RC Industry, what would you change?

The only thing I can think to change would be distributors selling to consumers.  This seems to take the biggest hit on the LHS as they can offer better discounts.  In our opinion loss of the LHS would be detrimental to the hobby.  Having a good place to go for parts, knowledgeable advice, help with repairs, and community is what keeps the hobby ever growing.

What are your future goals or hopes for the store?

We hope to become one of the largest Hobby Shops in the country and become a destination where the whole family can come to have fun together in a progressive positive manor. 

Does your store specialize or focus on a certain niche of RC, do you do repairs or hopups for customers?

We have specialist in the shop for Helicopters, FPV & Multirotor, Crawling, Racing, Drifting, Airplanes, and Nitro.   We do offer repairs and hop up services for customers. 

You can easily connect with Falcon Hobbies at the following links: (Hobby Shop Page)  (Team Falcon Racing information on tracks and events)




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