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LIMITED EDITION! If you like it, order it you won’t get it before Christmas, but knowing you have secured yours will have to warm your heart knowing the New Year will bring it to you.. These interior kits are made with .063 Aluminum pocketed down to accept .030 Styrene panels- The metal sticks up about .010. The Styrene can be painted any color you wish to match your paint, and are mostly flat pieces so Super-Easy. It includes red AND black seat-belt material, black wire for the CB handle, Metal speaker mesh (Pre-formed,)  Super-Thin double-sided tape for mounting, full instructions/tip sheet, etc. “*It will take some work! But it’s fun work, and if you’re not in a big hurry, anyone can do it.”






rc-hub-axial-wraith-interior-kit-super-scale-2Full Multi-Media Kit- 6061 Aluminum, Styrene, Metal Mesh, Polyester Belts, and Photoreduced Gauges





This what you need to do to complete an order

  1–  Your Mailing Address (Do NOT send your Payment/Deposit as ‘Gift’, and I should get it from PayPal)
  2- Total Number of Kits Wanted

                                  *You may then pay one of two ways*

  3– You may send a $5 deposit per kit to my PayPal account, [email protected]  by the cutoff date of December 24th (Christmas Eve.)  You will be sent a Balance Due via PayPal when they are ready to ship  (Around January 10th) to your same Email address used for the deposit.  Then you need not pay until after Christmas, who loves ya?  TIP-Copy & Paste the address to avoid spelling errors, this is pretty common!

  4– Or, simply send the total (with Int’l. shipping if applicable) to the same PayPal address listed above, also by cutoff date of December 24th, and you will ship automatically with the batch around January 10th.

  That’s it!   Remember, we are a small specialty manufacturer that does single runs and does NOT carry  inventory to sell after the batch is made, so to be guaranteed a kit, order Now!  Ship date is estimated as I never know how many will be ordered.

    -Deposit Due/Order Cutoff date:  December 24th, 2016 

    -Estimated Shipping Date:  January 10th, 2017  

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