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Multi 32 …. Multi 32 …. HIKE!

Multi 32 …. Multi 32 …. HIKE!

We often get small hand tools to sample and most are usually very simple with just one or two bits. But when a handheld all in one tool comes in with a legitimate 32 bits comes in I snatch it up for a test drive and review. The first thing you will probably notice is the nice Blue anodized finished on this bad boy, post anodizing there is some helpful milling in certain areas for better grip and fell… Nice.  One trick little feature that this multi-tool has over the rest is the fact that the primary bit is either retractable or deployable depending on how you look at it giving you more than additional 2 1/2 plus inches of reach. That might not sound like much but when is the last time you went after an engine mount screw or pillow ball on a lower H arm you can barely see? 

So let’s give you some official specs on this bad boy

32-Tip Multi-Driver

Stock Number: DTXR1167


Tip Sizes:

Double-tip bits have two
tips with the sizes indicated.

PH000 / 1.5 mm slotted
PH00 / 2.0 mm slotted
PH0 / 2.5 mm slotted
PH1 / 3.0 mm slotted
PZ0 / 3.5 mm slotted
PZ1 / 4.0 mm slotted
.050″ hex / 0.7 mm hex
0.9 mm hex / 1.5 mm hex
2.0 mm hex / 3.0 mm hex
2.5 mm hex / 4.0 mm hex
3/32″ hex / 1/16″ hex
T-4 / T-8 Torx
T-5 / T-9 Torx
T-6 / T-10 Torx
T-7 / T-15 Torx
1.0 mm slotted / T-20 Torx



With all the bits being locked into the handle, ESPECIALLY in a position that you can see what bit it is you are exactly looking for this is another huge plus! 


If I had to list any form of a complaint at  all and this is minor it’s that with all the bits in the handle the tool is a tad on the heavy side.  One or two screws no big deal, but building a complete kit from scratch then the extra weight may add app. 


But overall we really enjoyed this tool and recommend it to our fans!


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