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So we all had to start this obsession somewhere right? Now I know we all had one or two of those store grade bendy thin wire antenna RC CARS. You remember don’t you? They only drove forward with no proportional steering at all and when you hit reverse it turned in one direction then you go forward again. You remember how amazing we thought that was, being able to control something with no wires or cables connected. Ahhh the good old days, my first real interaction with what we would call a hobby grade RC CAR would have to be an RC10 Gold PAN! …. Now I would love to tell you it was mine but that is not the case, I had to admire it vicariously since it was my buddy’s car. My first actual purchase was a Tamiya Lunchbox…


Doesn’t everyone just miss having an extra servo attached to mechanical speed controllers?  


Me not so much, today RC is very easy, so plug and play I often miss the challenge of a kit. There is a ton of inherent knowledge that comes with building your own RC Car. You actually earn the right to crash the car into a million pieces and build it back up again. So when it was time to come back into the RC fold I knew I had to build a Lunch Box….


This is the first version of the build…. It takes on a very different attitude as I keep changing it ….. But I will save that for a future article!


Click Here to head on over to Tamiya and see what they have going on lately.

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