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The fine folks at Pro-Line are always in the “LAB” cooking up new and improved ways to get you out and about while upping the fun factor that much more. Here we have there September Tire and Rim releases and boy do they have something for everyone!… Crawler… Check…. Monster Truck…. Check ….. Racing Buggy…. Check…. Bash Mobile….. Ohhh Yeah! There are options galore to get you sticking to rocks, taking massive air bashing runs,  crushing cars or dropping those lap times. Odds are you have vehicle that could use an upgrade and believe it or not sometimes the best upgrade before anything else is tires.

Hyrax 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires

for Front or Rear 1.9″ Crawler $28.01

Product ID : 10128-14 $28.01




  • All-new Ground up Design for Maximum Performance
  • Highly Detailed Sidewall for Scale Looks
  • Stepped Blocks & Multiple Sipes Create Unmatched Grip
  • Tackle tough terrain in Scale Style
  • Made in the Legendary G8 Material




HEIGHT: 4.73″

WIDTH: 1.76″

Hyrax features an aggressive and open tread pattern with each tread block containing multiple Sipes for incredible tread flex. The highly detailed connected tread on the sidewall of the Hyrax extends out for unmatched side-hilling performance.



  • Hyrax 1.9” G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires (2 pcs)
  • Open Cell Foam Inserts (2 pcs)








Badlands MX38 3.8″

(Traxxas Style Bead)

All Terrain Tires Mounted

for 17mm MT Front or Rear, Mounted on F-11 Black 1/2″ Offset 17mm Wheels

Product ID : 10127-13 $49.26


  • Aarma Kraton
  • Associated MGT 8.0
  • HPI Savage (17mm)
  • Traxxas® E-Maxx®
  • Traxxas® E-Revo® Brushless (17mm)
  • Traxxas® Revo® 3.3
  • Traxxas® Summit®
  • Traxxas® T-Maxx® 3.3

rc-hub-pro-line-badlands-mx38-3-8-traxxas-style-bead-all-terrain-tires-mountedIt’s name is ” BADLANDS ” doesn’t the name say it all, it conjures up images of rough and tough Yellowstone and where the deer and the antelope play and Bears, well we try to stay away from them, and flocks of Moose or would that be Moosi, or a gaggle, probably best just to go with herd. Now we just want dessert, chocolate mousse.  The Badlands MX38! Pro-Line’s Badlands tires are known for having a sweet Motocross inspired tread and the all-new Badlands MX38 tires kick that up a notch with a Bigger and Bolder knobby tread that matches modern MX tire design. The Badlands MX38 is a true All-Terrain tire that will find traction on any surface but is best suited for loose & loamy dirt, mud or grass. So even if your nowhere near Yellowstone, it will be a great tire for a territory near you.


Badlands MX38 3.8” Tires Mounted on F-11 Black ½” Offset 17mm Wheels (2 pcs)


WIDTH: 3.70″

HEIGHT: 6.91″




Tire Features:

  • Awesome Motocross-Inspired Appearance
  • Bigger, Bolder and Badder than Ever
  • Incredible Traction on Loose, Loamy or Muddy Terrain
  • Improved Wear Resistance combined with Modern Style
  • Made from Pro-Line’s Legendary M2 Race Rubber
  • Made in the USA, since 1982

Wheel Features:

  • Tough 11 spoke wheel style
  • Satin Black finish
  • Molded in Bead-loc ring and lug nuts for scale look
  • Wheel made from high-strength, durable DuPont nylon material
  • Molded P-L Racing Logo and Style








Transistor 2.2” 4WD MC

(Clay) or (Super Soft)

Off-Road Buggy Front Tires

for 2.2″ 1:10 4WD Front Buggy Wheels, Includes Closed Cell Foam

Product ID : 8254-03   FOR SUPER SOFT $20.36

Product ID : 8254-17 FOR CLAY $20.36



rc-hub-pro-line-transistor-2-2-4wd-m4-super-soft-off-road-buggy-front-tiresWhile the tire looks similar to the previous VTR Transistor, this 2.2” Transistor has been completely redesigned for improved performance and wear over the original. They are ideal for indoor clay and outdoor blue groove conditions.


HEIGHT: 3.27″

WIDTH: 1.26″


  • 1’s and 0’s Transistor Tread Pattern
  • Consistent Steering
  • Makes your Buggy Easier to Drive
  • Improved Performance and Wear
  • Ideal for Indoor Clay and Outdoor Blue Groove Conditions
  • Fits 2.2” Style Wheels
  • Includes Closed Cell Foam Inserts





Brawler Clod Buster 2.6″

White Wheel Stock Offset OR White Wheel +17.5mm Wider Offset

for Stock Clod Buster Axles and Solid Axle Monster Trucks

Product ID : 2760-04 $33.11 FOR THE +17.5MM

Product ID : 2759-04 $33.11 stock offset


The Brawler is a White 12mm Hex glue up style wheel with a black hub cap that completely covers up the non-scale looking wheel nut, giving your truck the ultimate scale look. The stock offset version has the same wheel offset as the stock Clod Buster wheels, while the Wider offset version is 17.5mm (0.69”) wider per side making your truck 35mm (1.38”) wider overall than stock.


  • [F/R] Wider Offset Clod Buster
  • [F/R] 1:10 Solid Axle Monster Trucks with 12mm Hex



  • Brawler 2.6” +17.5mm Offset White Wheels (2 wheels = 4 pcs)
  • Black Wheel Nut Covers (2 pcs)
  • M2.5 x 10 SHCS (20 pcs)
  • M1.6 x 16 SHCS (4 pcs)




  • Super Scale Solid Axle Monster Truck Wheel
  • 2-piece Glue on Wheel with Wheel Nut Cover
  • 2 Offsets available – Stock and Wide (+17.5mm per side)
  • Molded lug nuts and Bead-loc detail for a scale look
  • Fits Pro-Line Destroyer 2.6” tires
  • White wheel with Black Hub Cap
  • Strong and Durable Nylon Wheel Material
  • Wheel also available in Gray






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