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So when we say we are 80’s kids and love all things from that era one of the quintessential items that always comes up is Back to the Future! Ever since Pro-Line dropped the 85 Hilux on the world we knew there was no choice but to build it …. But build it the way we thought it should be built.  As you know we love all things RC especially scale builds, so when it came time to get this project started I was not going to be happy with any old chassis. Since RC4WD has the very capable and extremely scale chassis (they don’t call them YOTA axles for nothing), why not start there. So we picked up a TF2 RTR brand new in the wrapper and never even ran a pack through it before it was torn down to just a minimal roller and off it went to MattZillaRC.

You see the most defining parts of this truck are the Bumpers and Roll Bar. We know what some of you are going to say the first time you look at this truck “But it doesn’t have the KC Lights on the front or the Roll Bar”. While that is absolutely true, we wanted to stay true to one particular version of the truck seen in the original Movie. If you watch it again take a good look at the truck that’s in the garage towards the end if the movie. When he opens the garage to show his parents that his car was wrecked, much to his surprise is the awesome black beauty you see before you. Look closely because this version of the lovely Marty Mobile has NO KC badges at all … and it only has a SINGLE Tube roll bar! Knowing those details had to be perfect I went straight to MattZillaRC, he was not only willing to take on the challenge but he went WAAAY above and beyond my expectations! The product speaks for itself, just be patient with the build time … it’s worth it!

Once the new rolling chassis was back totally custom made to work with the Yota Axles with all the details in perfect harmony it was time to take that Pro-Line Racing body to the Next Level! Now simple black is easy enough but that’s not enough for us so we opted to toss in the Toyota Interior as well. Now that is a really good start, so what about the rest? It’s those tiny little details almost nobody but the builder will ever even see that can make or break a build. So to go next level we turned to RC NERDS Shapeways store and just kept adding to the cart! So we have to say the turnaround was very quick we think we had all the RC NERDS parts in under a week and the look and details is second to NONE. You can see even the tiniest of bolt patterns and lens line details that are almost on a microscopic level. The design work from them is off the charts. Now the bad news… the quality of the plastics was not the greatest and all of the clear parts definitely needed additional work and clear paint to get them to look decent. We chose the highest detail print quality so it was expected to be a little bit more fragile than an injection molded piece but it was really difficult to work with almost every piece we ordered from them. The plastic was very brittle and if you are a custom builder you know there is a whole fitting process where the parts go on and off repeatedly to make things just right. This was not an option for these parts. Our suggestion would be go with the cheaper material with a little less detail as it seems to be made of a much more forgiving material.  Despite all of this the RC NERDS portion of this was outstanding and we do recommend you buy their design work…. Just chose the material wisely.

So since this project started with an RTR we already had a very capable trail truck with the TF2. So we simply made room for all the electronics to slide over to the new chassis and it was almost complete. One thing that can really make or break a build is proportions, by that I mean that everything has to fit the correct scale. So when it was time for a wheel choice we knew it had to be a 1.55, but which one would come closest to the real deal? We scoured the internet and found the Gear Head RC ENK Aluminum wheels where almost perfect except for the Gold Anodizing.  Nothing a little HD oven cleaner and some elbow grease can’t cure. Add some Primer and some Gloss Black and Viola… classic reproductions of what was on the movie truck! What better tire to wrap up those scale wheels then some Pit Bull Berserkers! The foams on this truck had to be solid since the truck comes in at around 10lbs. With this tire/foam combo the truck handles like a dream and takes the not only the weight of the truck, it has no issues with the trailer added on.

Now that seems like it would be perfect at that point but why stop there? So we opted to hand cut some small plastic food containers as inner wheel wheels. Some strategically placed black foam material was used to cover up other areas of concern and then we tossed on a fully functional light kit including working headlights, taillights, reverse lights and turn signals. We even stuffed the 4 Round Light Bar pods with some LEDS to get a nice mix of illumination. To add another layer to the scale dept we went ahead and swapped out all the visual M3 bolts with Scale Bots from RC4WD to give it that real feel. Along the lines of said bolts we used the scale acorn nuts from Locked Up RC and hubs from SSD RC and Mini Warn Locking Hubs from RC4WD.  

Does this ever end? Not really we had to tow something with our Marty Mobile so why not an actual DeLorean… well a scale version of one anyhow! We ordered up all the necessary Hitch attachments for a TF2 and got our hands on the BIGDOG Scale Trailer. Now to be fair the trailer is a tiny bit big and the car is a little too small since it’s not a functioning RC Car but we think the look really brings it all together and we could not be happier with the result!

Thanks so much for following along and we will see you …..IN THE FUTURE!!!



RC4WD                TF2 RTR                                                        Z-RTR0024                   $459.99

RC4WD                WARN SCALE HUBS                               Z-S0720                          $16.99

RC4WD                HUB TOOL                                                  Z-S0343                          $6.99

RC4WD                SCALE BOLTS M3                                    Z-S0696                          $3.99

Pro-Line              Toyota SR5                                                  3466-00                          $55.21

Pro-Line              Toyota – Interior                                      3497-00                          $32.26

RC NERDS           Toyota SR5 Full Grill                             RCN004                          $20.12

RC NERDS           Toyota SR5 Front Lenses                     RCN003                         $7.85

RC NERDS           Toyota SR5 Door Handles                   RCN012                          $11.33

RC NERDS           Toyota SR5 Rear Light Bucket           RCN015                          $10.62

RC NERDS           Toyota SR5 Rear Light Lens               RCN016                          $10.07

RC NERDS           Toyota SR5 Wipers                                RCN008                          $12.52

RC NERDS           Toyota SR5 Emblems                            RCN014                           $7.77

RC NERDS           Toyota SR5 Rear Handle                     RCN013                           $8.09

MattZillaRC        Custom Chassis                                       Price upon Request

Gear Head RC    1.55 ENK Alum                                         GEA1009                        $94.99

Pit Bull RC           Braven Berserker                                   602573076927              $71.98

Locked Up RC    M2 Acorn Wheel Stud                           1230-M2x6                     $7.00

SSD RC                 Scale Wheel Hub                                     SSD00178                       $9.99

SSD RC                 Hub Tool                                                    SSD00008                      $5.99

Misc                     LEDS                                                                                                         $40.00

Misc                     Paints                                                                                                        $15.00

TOTAL                                                                                                                                     $908.75 + Custom Chassis


­­­­RC4WD                BIGDOG TRAILER                                           Z-H0004                $239.99

Misc                      Scale Items (Trailer)                                                                          $50.00

Diamond Sel     DeLorean 1/15th scale                                                                        $50.00

Total                                                                                                                                        $339.00



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