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Before we get into what the heck this is exactly we wanted to take a second to say Thanks to the entire team over at RC4WD. We partnered with them on this project and to be honest we are big fans of everything they put out.

So the Monster Truck scene is definitely on the move and we couldn’t be happier about that! We have a lot of ideas about builds and one that we had not seen yet was a full blown RC4WD Monster Truck. Now there was a lot of work that went into making this happen. But the goal was to use as many parts straight from the RC4WD website! There were a few small parts and pieces to make mounts and connective bits that we had left over from other projects (you guessed it we keep everything). The point was not to go out and make something so technical and one off that no one could ever make their own version. The goal here was to inspire you and to go out and make your own, without having a workshop that looks like it was funded by NASA!


We wanted the build to use Yota Axles and a twin rail frame so this was started by using a D110 Kit, using the main Rails, Links, Transfer case mount, Chassis Supports and almost every screw in the kit and then some! So when you look at a Monster Truck you may have the thought that it should be pretty easy since they are not really meant for precision racing. But let us tell you that you would be wrong, the suspension geometry is critical. Link lengths have to be within millimeters and the drive line angles are super important! The funny part is this idea had been rolling around the office for a while and parts were already in the works before RC4WD dropped the SCS Drop Transmission! We had to use it..So that meant back to the drawing board. That meant tear the truck apart and basically start all over again….

Having scrapped the first version with the Hammer transfer Case, new side plates would need to be made as well as a completely new way of mounting the new Trans. It is very scale with several mounting options! It really was meant for a Monster like this, Pinion options are a little limited with nothing bigger than an 18t and that took a little creative mounting. If you know anything about scale it’s typically not as easy to wrench on, but to be honest we like the challenge. To save a little time we decided to keep the stock lower mount and make it work for the Drop Trans. Now we could have gone crazy and had the mount milled down to spec and or made a high end custom 3D printed piece, but that would be missing the point. Everything you see in this build was done with hand files, sand paper, a Micrometer and the most expensive tool was a dremel!


Just like building a full size 1 to 1 vehicle there is a lot of build your part…Check the fit … Sand tweak adjust and try again until you are happy with the result … Mock it up… tear it down and if you’re lucky that will be the last time and now you can add some Thread Lock on all the Metal on Metal parts and start doing some final assembly.With the axles so far from the frame rails it was just not possible running the servo on the frame rails so we had to make our own SERVO ON AXLE mount. We used the stock Aluminum servo mount and moved it down to the Upper link mount on the Axle. Just a couple of properly placed holes and bam… We now have Yota Axles that are SOA… Perfect especially since the gorgeous RC4WD Aluminum Clod bead lock wheels and B & H Monster tires weigh as much as a 4×4 Short course truck!


The goal was always to use as much RC4WD as possible so ordering up some RC4WD Yeti Links for the lowers front and rear add a very nice touch. King Shocks on all 4 corners also look right at home with 100mm’s in the front and 110mm’s in the back! The different size shocks were needed since the mounting location on the axles is higher on the front axle than the rear. For clearance 1” wheel wideners were used to set the width perfectly. In our opinion the stock D110 rails did not require any cutting since we wanted to have some extra crash protection front and back. To mount the body we had to use some strategically placed holes and some miscellaneous body mounts from previous builds. We managed to keep the front and rear screw into place just like on a TF2. The only other custom type pieces in this Monster are the Side plates for Drop Trans Mount and the fixed electronics tray. This material was 4mm ABS we had lying around from a house electrical project. This was chosen because it was easily available and easy to work with. Nothing crazy here just basic hand tool and good rulers always remembering to measure several times before you cut!


Once the rig was all put together it really is designed to be run on 4S with the tires and gearing. We honestly have only done some 3S testing. The Truck looks the part in motion, there is enough lean in it to show some realistic roll when it takes on tough terrain. Coming it at over 14lbs to be honest we chose not to “Send It”! This truck is more of an exercise in what if and to see if it could be done. Now that we did it we think version 1.0 should be left as is and be appreciated for what it is…. We think it may be time to see what version 2.0 will end up like?


Hats off to everyone at RC4WD for the support and constant development of the most innovative and functional Scale products in the world of RC!


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  1. Jimmy Louis

    The tires are on backward, but this is a nice build!!.. how did the SCS transmission hold up

    • RC HUB Staff

      Tires backwards was definitely intentional, they are very high grip in the forward direction. Backwards allows them to slide around a little making it more like the real thing! We really like the SCS transmission! There is very little to go wrong, its really just 2 very stout gears that attach to your pinion and then the outputs. There is no slipper in there so plan ahead when building.

      Appreciate your question and thanks for following RC HUB.COM!

  2. Zach audet

    What an awesome build!this rig looks absolutely beastly, one the coolest monster trucks I’ve ever seen!

  3. Mike ginnow

    It looks like you have a set of DANA 30’s for axles with 40″s for tires………lol.


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