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RC HUB - RC4WD Tough Armor 1

So I think it is pretty clear by now, we here at RC HUB love anything and everything RC, therefore scale fiddly bits can’t escape our attention ( for to long)… shiny!), its life scaled down to easily managed and OCD demanding proportions, what’s not to love we ask….  So this little beauty from RC4WD is begging to be installed on your G2 Cruiser or if you are like a lot of scalers, we manage to adapt things to our rigs, even when they weren’t necessarily meant for them. (insert maniacal laugh)  


  • Heavy Duty Steel and Aluminum Construction
  • Hand Welded Bumper
  • Powder Coated
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Total Length: 1.81in / 46mm
  • Total Height: 3.42in / 87mm
  • Total Width: 8in / 205mm
  • Basket Internal Length: 3.27in / 83.1mm
  • Basket Internal Width: 1.28in / 32.6mm
  • Basket Internal Height: 1.12in / 28.6mm
  • Mount to Mount Length: 3.11in / 79mm
  • Mount Hole OD: 0.12in / 3mm
  • Weight: 5.71oz / 162g



rchub rc4wd 4


rchub rc4wd 5


RC HUB - RC4WD Tough Armor 3


rchub rc4wd 3


RC HUB - RC4WD Tough Armor 2


rchub rc4wd 2


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