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This is awesome, it’s pretty clear we love custom builds and this one from RC4WD is unparalleled …. It’s …”JAMES BOND FOR PETE’S SAKE”. Literally the gold standard for COOL. This really exemplifies what can be done when you take an already scale company and say hey… let’s go further! We hope this has stirred up the scale builder we all have hiding deep inside. There is a link  above to the build on RC4WD and a complete parts list below…. ENJOY! (we sure did)



Defender for Land Rover USA


rc-hub-rc4wd-spectre-land-rover-gelande-2“Land Rover USA contacted us to create a replica of the Defender 110 DCPU from the James Bond Spectre movie, we were ecstatic! While this was no easy feat, we elected two members of our Racing Team. Team Driver Richard L. and former Team Driver Matthew K. were able to complete two beautiful mini carbon copies.”


“These builds were completed using the RC4WD Gelande II D110 Truck Kit with Hard Body (Z-K0047) with some serious modifications to reflect the double cab pick up version in the movie.”




“Once the build started to take shape, the next challenge was the sanding and paint. Each part was removed and after much elbow grease and paint, the truck was ready for the finishing touches and final assembly!”




Complete list of parts:

Gelande II D110 Truck Kit With Hard Body (Z-K0047)

XVD Axle for Ultimate Scale Yota II G2 Axle (Z-S0823)

2x Scale Steel Punisher Shaft V3 (90.5mm – 110.5mm / 3.56″ – 4.35″) 5mm Hole (Z-S0826)

RC4WD Twister Ultimate High Performance Servo (Z-E0063)

Outcry Crawler Speed Controller ESC with TurboBEC (Z-E0007)

ARB 1/10 Roof Rack with Window Guard for Defender D90 Body (Z-X0009)

Metal Light & Winch Bumper for Land Rover Defender D90 (VVV-C0123)

RC4WD 1/10 Warn 9.5cti Winch (Z-S1079)

RC4WD Wired Winch Control Unit (Z-S1089)

Raceline Monster 1.9” Beadlock Wheels (Black) (Z-W0185)

2x RC4WD Fuel Mud Gripper M/T 1.7” Scale Tires (Z-T0133)

RC4WD Spectre 1.9” Beadlock Wheels (Z-W0230)

2x RC4WD Scrambler Offroad 1.9” Scale Tires (Z-T0144)

RC4WD Lightforce 240 XGT Light Bar Kit (Z-S0957)

6x 1/10-1/14 D90 Small Clear Light (VVV-C0101)

LED Basic Lighting System For Mojave Body Set (Z-E0016)

RC4WD Snorkel for Land Rover Defender (Z-S0247)



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