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Hey RC HUB fans we are thrilled to bring you another review for your viewing/reading pleasure. Today we delve into the surface word of Short Course offerings and this time it comes to us from the fine folks over at ARRMA. If you are new to the RC world ARRMA is a very progressive company that is all about putting fun on the top of the list. Right behind fun they believe in quality and making a product that you will be able to enjoy not just today but for many bashing sessions to come. This 4×4 is a new variant for ARRMA so it has to prove itself to see if it’s as worthy as the remainder of the fleet….. Read on to see how this trucks stacks up against the rest!


Fun Factor –

So to us Fun starts when you first look at what you’re buying… To us it’s kind of like food if it doesn’t look good first odds are we won’t like it! To us the looks of this truck are off the charts! For an RTR rig the paint scheme and very detailed body (look closely at the rear the body has molded in shocks) is as good as they come. The wheels are very reminiscent of Fifteen 52 and tread pattern is on point! Truth be told we are big fans of any form of SC Truck variant and toss in a great backbone and some really beefy plastics in all the right places and this truck is a blast!


Durability –

We sometimes don’t play nice with our vehicles and let me tell you this truck just laughed it off and wanted more! Nothing was broken torn off or worse for the wear. The truck just keeps going and going like the classics energizer bunny! The shocks have protective armor and the shock towers look like they could be found on a 1 to 1 race truck. Everything is laid out the way it should be with bracing and screws in all the right places.


Handling –

Now this is not tailored to taking the podium, but that doesn’t slow it down from taking your fun to its happy place! The steering is very responsive and has a slight push but there is enough stability in this truck you won’t be scrambling to buy a thing to keep you happy. The suspension does all the work for you out of the box and takes the rough stuff while staying on point. One of the best parts of SC is jumping and this truck does it like a champ. The truck flies very level and the 4×4 makes it super easy to correct in case you don’t have a high profile sponsorship on your shirt.  


Value –

This one is a bit critical especially with Christmas knocking on our doors so we understand it’s important to get something that will last. We are totally happy with the price point when you look at all the design work and attention to detail that went into this truck. You can tell right away ARRMA wants you to be happy from the first throttle pull to years to come. You have to look at the little things sometimes to sum up value; things we noticed that you dismiss right away are the included wall charger. Yes it’s a slow low amp charger but you plug it straight into the wall and it even has an LED indicator letting you know when the fun can get started. Then they went and made servicing the entire truck a super easy user friendly experience. Easy access diffs, minimal screws removal required to take out serviceable items without compromising ruggedness. Then how about the age old annoying loss of body clips? Say goodbye to that issue, first off the body clips are about twice as thick as what you normally see and they are tethered to body via rubberized body stays. Raised chassis sides help keep the debris and dust out of the electrical goodies. Properly suited electronics, great tires for the truck, body that looks like its racing to the winners circle and the list goes on.


Issues –

There are a few basics that you must do to any vehicle the first time the tires touchdown to terra firma. One of those things we had to take a couple extra steps on was getting the steering dialed in. Now don’t get confused here it was a simple process of centering up the servo and adjusting the expo. Once it was set the truck was SET! No leaks, stripped or loose screws or other worries… Great job ARRMA!


Upgrades –

This again is not something you will have to do right away at all. We are perfectly happy with the truck the way it sits, but we know some of you want more. First thing we recommend on almost any RTR rig is get yourself a good Lipo and charger. Next would be some specific tires to the terrain of choice. Let’s say you want to roost sand for days get yourself a good set of paddle tires. How about trying some track days? Hit up your local track and ask the locals, they will always know before anyone else what works best on their surface. For us this trucks package is perfectly sorted, if you want a beast mode vehicle ARRMA has a slew of terrain slashing rigs for that. .


So what’s the Verdict? …

Bottom line here what’s going to make you happy? If you want a really well sorted basher that does moderate speeds, handles well and is durable in all the right places then why look any further? This is a great buy at any time of the year but what a great gift to give that RC addict in your life that needs a little more smile in their lives! Go hit up your local Hobby Store and snag one of these and if you hurry Tower may be able to ship this to you in time for Christmas!


Click here to get on over to ARRMA!


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