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Surely by now you have heard about the VERY Capable Tenacity line from Losi. Team Horizon Hobby stepped up its scale game with this version and we could not be happier.  If you have not had the pleasure of wheeling one of the Tenacity Flavors that suits your style, than we highly recommend you hit up your local hobby shop and try one for yourself!


We go to this section first because let’s face it when it comes to why 99 percent of us buy anything hobby related it has to be fun FIRST! Bone stock out of the box this thing is a blast and is geared perfectly for 2S and you will be in the 34mph range. But if you’re Fun is all about hitting big speed numbers this rig is thrilled to have a 3S in it and will go past the posted 50mphs on the box! But trust us you will be more than happy you have the power of AVC keeping things in check and keeping the Fun zone in control! Some may wonder why these next items are listed in the Fun Factor but one of the main killers of fun is wasting time. So the 2 things we think definitely help keep the fun alive is the bottom loading battery tray – LOVING IT! Then the 2 clip flip up cage giving you easy access to all the electronics… Brilliant!



Here is something that Losi should be proud of! The Tenacity DB has the perfect balance of plastic flexibility as well as the built in roll cage adding even more protection! It takes jumps, bumps, whoops and tumbles all in stride. The suspension is actually set up on the softer side allowing more absorption to help smooth out the rough terrain.  The diff fluids are definitely on the lighter sided again this is a good thing when it comes to durability, rather than slam the Drivetrain in one direction or another it allows on side to unload and easily regain composure.


If you are reading word for word than you kind of already know what direction this is headed. So yes there is some flexibility built into this buggy, but most people who are picking up this buggy up won’t mind at all. The stock tires are a Short Course style 2.2 inches in the front side and 3 inches on the back. The compound is molded on the harder side so you may experience a little push, but again you have full control with that AVC knob! Flight status is controllable but you may need to dial back the AVC just a touch depending on your trigger finger. Although we did not take this to an official track day, every place we did seek a tight line or the rough stuff the buggy was always in control!


Coming in at 400 bucks to us this is a COMPLETE package of scale and performance so we say it’s a bargain! Just look at the list, 50+mph out of the box on 3S, AVC, 3 Sealed Diffs, Scale Goodness, LED Light Bar installed, Waterproof and all on the Proven Ten Platform! Take all of that and now toss in the legendary Losi History, industry leading support and parts availability then it all comes together to spell a great value.


Sorry folks if you want to break you this bad boy you will have to try harder than we did! We are not breakers by instinct we are here to enjoy our hard earned money! Could we break it? Sure if we tried hard enough, but under normal situations everything works in harmony! Our biggest issue as you can tell from the pics is that we can’t leave things alone!


This one is tough because everyone is different and what makes us happy may not be the best upgrade for you. But to us always a good starting point is a tire that is very specific to where you spend most of your time. If you are only blasting speed runs heck get some foams to really make it stick, but if you really like taking it to the rough stuff something like the Pro-Lone Bad Lands are a nice off-road option. 


So let’s dig into the changes we made to our Scale Dessert Buggy – First thing we did was get that interior to have some more depth by swapping in a Bomber interior.  This mod required some minor trimming to the sides and bottom of the new interior. Raising the lowest part in the center by trimming out a pie section and mending it with tape did the trick. Just to add a tiny bit of room we did cut back the fancy wire routing mount that is part of the center chassis brace. Then all that was left was to add a couple holes and then it bolted right in. Illumination is always the name of the game here lately so we added some Baja Design Squadron Pro Leds from RC4WD and they just look perfect mounted up on the sides. Moving on to the back half we decided that Lexan with stickers for details was not going to cut it, so again we turned to Axial and added the 4 LED holder from the ground breaking at the time EXO Kit. (Actually  it’s this Buggy right here that  Axial was intending to make many moons ago!)  Using the appropriate lenses and some 5mm LEDS the look is perfect. Stealing from those same EXO parts trees is a very trick Radiator just drill a couple holes in the roll cage to mount it up a viola! We then trimmed up the Lexan scraps and mounted up a couple if the very cool Pro-Line Modular Fuel Packs. We know some off road repairs will be in order so we had to zip tie the REAL mini Hi-Lift jack again from RC4WD to really nail the realism. If you remember the wheel is very special on this rig so we bolted up some SLW 725 hubs to widen the stance and give us clearance. This allowed us to bolt up some gorgeous Orange and Black Vanquish Method 105 wheels using very trick Locked Up RC bolts for the rings and some XD centers. For stability we added some Crawler Innovation stiff foams and wrapped all that in BF Goodrich KR2s from Pro-Line. Now the next mod did add a TON of unnecessary weight to the rear but for symmetry we had to add TWO SPARE tires on the wing mount! This was much easier than you would think as we just used a thick Body Mount tube and drilled two mounting holes as well as threaded both ends to accept M3 screws.


We are big Fans of the 10 platform first of all, but now that it comes in full scale Desert buggy Livery we are in love! Maybe we are getting old but over 50 MPH is only good for speed runs and the fun zone that’s controllable and much more realistic is n the 30ish range. We are perfectly happy with this vehicle as is out of the box, but are thrilled that tuning options and personalization are yours for the taking! This next evolution of the TEN platform is a perfect blend of what it can do off-road as well as bringing some much needed realism to the world of RC! We suggest putting this on the buy list as a great all around buggy you can bash with, speed with, do scale with and most importantly go have fun with!






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