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We are excited to bring you a review of the Dromida HoverShot, this tiny titan is going to be available early this November. Putting the HoverShot through its paces to give you all the relevant input you need to know when you’re deciding what will work best for you and your needs and means.











-This drone has a couple of features that make it stand out. With a Motor Start/Stop as well as a Take Off/Landings button getting in the air is a breeze! With its 3 Axis gimbal and additional sensors they nailed the HOVER MODE. Want a selfie, “no problem” let the drone hover hit the “Picture button” and don’t forget to smile. Upping the fun factor even more is the Auto Flip mode which makes you look like a pro!


-The video will shoot in 720p and transmits via 2.4ghz WIFI to the DRONEVIEW app that has to be used on your APPLE OR ANDROID device. There is a bit of latency so FPV RACER this is not. But it does work great to get a glimpse of what the camera has in frame for the best pictures possible on this tiny titan. Whether you want to take a video or a quick snap, its got you covered with a button for either option.


-Small drones equals small batteries and if you play it safe you can get about 8 minutes of flight time. The included charger will take about one hour to fully charge the battery. Your up time is determined by the wind, tricks and flips as well as camera usage. Since it takes about ten times longer to charge a battery then it does to use up the battery we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you buy EXTRA BATTERIES!


-120mm is a good size, it’s the Goldilocks’s of sizes for the average drone user, not to big and cumbersome and not to tiny and fragile. You can toss the controller and drone in a backpack or a larger tote with room to spare for a snack and bottle of water and even a couple extra batteries.



-Being a savvy internet shopper we are sure you are tempted to buy a really low priced drone that claims to have all the features and equal tech as the brand name drones like this Dromida. This drone not only has all the tech and features but also comes with the additional support and history of people who love RC as much as we do.


-We have to say it’s nice to look at a new product and actually go out and have a good time with it. Now ANY DRONE can get a little hairy at times but trust us if you have flown enough drones you know you will either crash and burn or donate one to the wind gods never to be seen again. We think this drone comes with just enough extra features to help mitigate some of those issues. Who doesn’t want a live glimpse of what the birds are seeing? Now a days its hard to find someone without a SMART PHONE so the APP download and FPV options should be a given. At this price point you really do get the best bang for your buck. So our final conclusion is that this little drone deserves our THUMBS UP!









  • 720p FPV camera takes in-flight pictures and video with start, stop and pause functions
  • Altitude Hold takes the guesswork out of positioning and throttle control for easier camera operation
  • Auto flip button
  • Push-button take-offs and landings
  • Dromida MR101 transmitter with universal mobile phone holder, two flight modes, separate camera and video buttons
  • 3-axis gyro and 3 accelerometers for smooth, stable flight
  • 3.7V 650mAh LiPo battery with USB charger
  • DroneView mobile app (free download) links mobile device to Wi-Fi compatible camera and offers a live feed. Records videos and shoots still photos in real time.
  • Videos and photos can be exported to mobile device and shared on social media websites.
  • Camera features can be adjusted from app.
  • Camera feed can also be seen and controlled by two devices simultaneously
  • Molded crash resistant plastic aircraft
  • High-intensity LEDs aid in orientation and tracking

**Device for Apple or Android and DroneView app (download free from Google Play Store or App Store)



  • Assembled Hovershot Drone
  • Four AAA Batteries for Transmitter
  • 2GB Micro Memory card
  • 1S LiPo Battery with USB Charger
  • Four Extra Blades
  • Screwdriver



Diagonal Measurement: 4.72″ (120mm)
RTF Weight: 2.5oz (72g)






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  1. Paul Farrant

    Does the dromida hovershot have mode 1 controls? Is that what the two flight modes are?

    • RC HUB Staff

      Great question:
      The HoverShot has 2 flight modes, the LOW Flight Mode indicated by a BLUE LED on the controller cuts the responsiveness of your inputs by 50%. By pressing in on the RIGHT STICK you can change to HIGH mode that makes each stick fully responsive, the LED will now be ORANGE. In High mode the flying is really up to you and this tiny titan can do some crazy maneuvers. Keep us posted on how you like it!


  2. Nick DeBrow

    What do I do if I calibrated my hover shot and now it’s wanting to go backwards when ever it takes off

    • RC HUB Staff

      Hey Nick … Sorry to hear you are having some trouble with your Hover Shot …. On Take Off it its flying straight back the first thing to check is that the ELEVATOR TRIM is not set all the way back. On the controller look at the Right STICK …. just to the left of that is the ELEVATOR TRIM…. Press and HOLD DOWN one side of the ELEVATOR TRIM until you hear a LONG BEEP, that should center that adjustment. The manual is a little confusing on the calibration steps since it does not tell you to do it to each trim adjustments but we RECOMMEND you re-set all trims to center and then perform the Calibration. A level surface actually will make a difference here so make sure the Hover SHOT is nice and flat.

      If after all that you are still having issue I recommend calling Dromida support line at 217-398-8970

      Hope that helps and we would love to see your pics or video once you have it dialed in!

  3. Mark

    Awesome review! Would you consider this suitable for a child? (12 years old)

    • RC HUB Staff

      Thanks for reading our review, we did have a lot of fun with the drone. Dromida doesn’t have a specific age listed and at times we thought we should of been supervised, lol. Having said that we would recommend some initial supervision until your pilot is comfortable with the controls. We look forward to hearing from you and send us some action shots.

  4. Larry

    This Quad is great while it works. I have had three of them and all have had the same problem. First none of them ever flew for 7-10 minutes All of them eventually with new batteries would only fly for 3- 4 minutes. Anyone else have this problem.


    • RC HUB Staff

      Flight time will definitely vary… Wind and flight style are usually the contributing factors… Not to mention running the FPV could bring you down even further. Always make sure your motors are not biding at all as well, sometimes in a bad crash things can get out of whack.

      Please keep us posted on your results, Dromida and Hobbico are good companies to deal and will normally do whatever it takes to make it right.


      • Larry

        FYI. I am not using FPV, I have installed 4 new motors and I am flying indoors.

        • Larry

          Dromida is sending me a new E-Board. I will let you know how it works out.

          • RC HUB Staff

            That it outstanding, please do let us know how it works for you.

          • Larry

            After 2 weeks the Hobby Store got the new e-board and installed it only to find that one of the LED lights is not working. They have ordered another e-board. I have now got 6 batteries and still have never seen 7 minutes of flight. P.S. Hobby Store has been helpful.

            Keep you posted….Regards Unlucky Larry

          • Larry

            I have the Drone back with the new e-board. So far everything is working well. The flight time is 4-6 minutes, not the advertised 7-10 minutes.

          • Larry

            Have had this new e-board for 3 weeks. Flight time is now down to 2 1/2 minutes

  5. Todd Long

    I lost my sd card went and bought new Micro sd installed but no camera what next

    • RC HUB Staff

      Sounds like it does not like the memory card… The drone comes with a 4g memory card and I would stick to a smaller size memory card no larger than 8g. Let us know if this corrected the issue or not.

  6. David Bellard

    I really loved this drone until…..

    I can no longer get a wi-fi signal from the HoverShot. I have tried everything I can think of, I even went to a part of the house where there are no wi-fi signals (that my iPhone can see) and iPhone did not see a signal from the HoverShot. I used the app (DroneView) before and it worked, but now nothing.

    I was looking forward to using the HoverShot as a starter drone for aerial video and photography, granted that can still be done but it has me thinking what else could all of a sudden stop working.

    • RC HUB Staff

      Hello David, have you made any changes in the DroneView APP, like changing the name or anything like that? Sometimes even a minor change may be something your drone does not like. I would start with a fully charged battery go into your network settings and delete any previous DroneView network it may have found. Turn the drone on and see if you can find the network, initially I would be within 3 feet of the drone. Another thing to try if possible is using another device such as another phone or a tablet. If all else fails I would contact 1-217-398-8970 option 6 or e-mail [email protected].

      Hope that helps

  7. Terrance J Neill

    It’s refreshing to ask questions from people who know what their talking about! My question is do you know or can you find out when the dromida 1275 battery will be available again? Every where I look they seem to out of stock or on back order. Is there any other options then the Dromida battery for the Hover Shot. I just started flying this drone and in is super stable and very fun to fly but I only have the battery that came with it. It’s hard to wait an hour to fly again!

  8. stevE

    What size of memory card can this drone use?

    • RC HUB Staff

      Thanks for your question Steve…. The Largest card we have put in this is a 16GB. The Drone had no issues putting files onto it and to speed up the process we always removed the card and placed it directly into our PC for file transfer. One more thing is that the actual image and video size are relatively small so a 2 or 4 Gb card will do fine for average pictures and video. Good Luck and let us know how much you like the drone!


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