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Monster trucks are here to stay we love them Full Size, RC Size and even Mini RC SIZE! Dromida is synonymous with value and quality and this little beauty came with no loose screws or sloppy fiddly bits anywhere to be found, just plug in the included battery and charger and walk away for a bit. Once at full peak even on just the Nimh battery this tiny beast lights up all four tires and sets out at a rapid pace. Due to its smaller size you almost lose sight of it faster than you can say DROMIDA!


 The power is insane for such a small package when you really mash the throttle especially on a fresh Lipo this truck will almost do full back flips on command. I don’t know about you but when’s the last time you did that with another vehicle for well under 200 bucks? Since it’s Tiny as far as Monsters go you get decent run time on the Nimh about 15 minutes depending on how many speed runs you are after and it does even better on the Optional Lipo. But if we had to sum up the FUN FACTOR in a number we are going to give this a solid 10!


  When driving like a sane person this truck can take some serious abuse. However when that sinister side takes over and you just have to let the brushless system do its thing you can get yourself into a pickle! You see when you don’t pay attention to how high you just soared this small marvel and just stare in awe. You tend to forget to make in flight corrections, and a bad landing or 7 will more than likely cost you a body post maybe even pop off a link. When the dark side has completely engulfed you and you pop in the Lipo and are doing wheelies on command there is a chance you could lose a dog bone or two… Upgrades here we COME!


  Small scales suffer from clearance issues, but the monster meats on all four corners allow a little forgiveness. We actually even got some traction on taller grass. The tires are a middle of the road compound not to sticky yet not too hard and should allow some decent wear. When you do get to piloting this little red fury at maximum velocity 28 on the Nimh and 32 on the Lipo it can get away from you. But there’s nothing a steady hand working the throttle and steering can’t keep in check!


 When you look at this tiny marvel you see that there is zero skimping on the electronics package on this bad boy! You get a real receiver not some simple all in one combo unit. A separate Servo and hefty ESC for this size and a brushless motor that just doesn’t know when to quit! Graphics are appealing without getting into the realm of annoying and the fit and finish of everything was spot on!


 If anyone tells you they had absolutely no issues in a review odds are their being payed to keep that info out of their review … Shame on them! Truth is this tiny truck has so much power we lost a dog bone early on but it was a $5 fix and the local hobby store had the part in stock! Then there is the proverbial broken body post when you land wrong for the umpteenth time… Sorry little truck! Again nothing here to scare anyone away, these items are normal wear and tear parts.


 This is just one of those trucks’ that’s begging for some upgrades and we couldn’t help ourselves… Dromida offers what we think should always be your first upgrade to see gains in performance and that’s by adding the Lipo Battery … Trust us you will not stop grinning. Then we really started thinking about all the power this little monster is actually packing and thought it would be a really good idea if we upgraded the drive train … Bring on the Blue Bling! We added the drive train kit that includes an upgraded Spur gear, Main Shafts, Drive Cups and Dog Bones… We also picked up the 12mm Hex Adapters so we can toss pretty much any 1/10th scale wheel and tire combo to keep the fun going in any condition! All said and done with all the upgrades and the Lipo the cost is just barely over $200 bucks and it is an extremely fun do it all Mini Monster…definitely one of our “Let the Good Times Roll”  grab and go trucks!

In summary …first off thanks so much for reading this far… If it not for you we would not be here! Huge thanks to Hobbico for sending us this truck for review we do appreciate it! We value our readers time and money so we think this is something you should definitely consider picking up if you are in the market for a smaller size do it all truck. Don’t let its size fool you this truck moves in a hurry at close to 30 Mph with everything in the box it’s not a toy… This truck brings us back to no holds barred fun and we hope it does the same for you!


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