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1.9 4WD Barrage Brushed: RTR

ECX01009   $189.99

Welcome to our review of the ECX Barrage! Now just like everything we do here at RC HUB this is not your typical review … Why you ask… simple … because we are going to start out by giving the answer before you even ask the question!… We really like the Barrage and for under $200 dollars we highly recommend this truck to anyone from a crawler beginner to a G6 veteran to give this slightly smaller truck a go! We know what you are thinking …. Why in the world would we tell you at the beginning that we recommend this truck? For the very reason you came to RC HUB in the first place. You wanted a different RC experience than the standard status quo, in case you haven’t noticed we don’t follow the standard mold…..


Well in case you forgot about the whole reason you have a hobby it started out because you needed a little more FUN IN YOUR LIFE and to us this truck embodies that theme!  ECX is a division of Horizon Hobby and they have been doing RC for probably more years than most of our readers have been alive. With that kind of history you know that they have learned a thing or two about what it takes to put a capable truck together. To define fun for this truck it means being able to stay on the trail and actually enjoy this wonderful hobby of ours. Now this Fun comes to you via a very torquey  370 sized Brushed motor that will keep a walking pace at about a whopping 5 mph! Fun Time also comes in the form of a included 900mAh Nim battery that when not being abused could last over 30 mins, however if your fun is full gas full time then your fun will be done in about 15 minutes! 



This one is important because we can’t tell you how many new people to RC leave the hobby immediately after their first purchase because they bought the wrong RC. This to me is the perfect starter RC if you are leaning towards the scale end of this world. Solid axles with metal gears means they will last for a long time to come. Linked with REAL metal links there is no worry that one of these will bend or break in the event of a roll/crash. The speed is minimal so if your idea of testing durability is bashing into a solid brick wall at full throttle go right ahead this one has no issue with bumping and bouncing right off that brick wall of yours. Rolls, Tumbles, Bounces and even moderate air is shrugged off with minimal scuffs and nothing out of place, basically Flip back to wheels down and keep going! 


Handling ~

Well this one is going to cause some controversy… now don’t get me wrong just like all other enthusiasts we love super pricey grippy tires that can climb on the ceiling but let me tell you that is NOT THIS TRUCK… What this truck is, is a  good time, with the licensed Falken Tires they are molded exactly as their 1:1 counter parts they can find the grip from time to time. But don’t forget the huge fun factor goes hand and hand with a truck that is on the lighter side. Being a lighter tiny truck means that sometimes it just simply doesn’t have the mass to grip during extreme conditions a overly ambitious crawl master might be looking for. But we were pleasantly surprised as this little guy held some lines we never thought it could, stirring up those good times that came with every throttle bump and wheel spin. 



For us this one comes in at a good value, now there are much cheaper crawlers out there from brands that only can be found in the internet. Although those companies may be making better products every day it’s really good to know that if something does go wrong there is an authorized ECX/Horizon Hobbies dealer usually within driving distance. What does that have to do with value? To us that adds tremendous value when you can actually get face to face with someone and talk through a problem that is priceless. The truck itself is geared for fun crawler speeds with enough torque to make it almost POP over obstacles so for its size it has more than enough oomph! The box is all inclusive including the AA’s for the remote what else could you ask for?


Issues ~

Honestly we had none what so ever with the truck it was a blast! If you had to complain about something we guess maybe the charger, its a low output wall mounted unit that will take what seems eons to fully charge. But hey with over 25 minutes of average run time you might actually be thrilled to come on in and let the charger do its thing. 


Upgrades ~

Ahhh …. well if you are a super fan you actually read this far and now you are wondering what are these guys going to upgrade on a truck we gave so much praise to? Well Ladies and Gentleman we like the BARRAGE so much that we have decided to make it the focus of a build series! Yep we love scale so why not show off some of our talents on this bad boy, but with a twist.  Maybe your like us and love crazy over the top builds that end up in the THOUSANDS, but how many of us really have that much to splurge on a TOY TRUCK? For some it’s no longer fun to wheel something that costs more than the average house payment so we introduce the Budget Build Barrage! Yep we said BUDGET not CHEAP or SIMPLE, we have set a limit of $300 for this build and we look forward to showing you what a good imagination and some effort can do to transform our #BBB … Barrage and we hope that in the process you can borrow some of the techniques and tips for your ride! 

Click here to order your Barrage from Horizon Hobby






  • 1 – 1.9 4WD Barrage
  • 1 – 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • 1 – 900mAh NiMH Battery
  • 1 – Charger
  • 1 – User Manual










  • TYPE:  Rock Crawler RTR
  • SCALE: 1/12 1.9
  • LENGTH: 16.4IN (417MM)
  • WIDTH: 7.7in (196mm)
  • HEIGHT:  8.5in (216mm)
  • GROUND CLEARANCE: 2.25in (57mm)
  • WHEELBASE: 9.9in (252mm)
  • WEIGHT: 2.8lb (1.3kg)
  • CHASSIS: Steel Ladder Frame
  • SUSPENSION: Solid Axle 3-Link
  • SHOCK TYPE: 3in (75mm) plastic body
  • TIRE TYPE: Soft, Falken AT3W All Terrain
  • WHEEL SIZE: 1.9in (49mm) Diameter, 1.1in (27mm) Width
  • MOTOR: Brushed 370
  • RADIO: SPM STX2 2-Channel
  • BATTERIES: Dynamite® 900mAh 6-cell NiMH
  • GEAR PITCH: 48













































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