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Hey there guys and gals and kids of all ages! One of the hardest things this industry has to balance is the ability to deliver a quality product at an affordable price that will stand the abuse of many. Now like we all have seen as of late this is harder and harder to do for many companies so we were a bit hesitant when we heard the very low price points on the new Force RC Line from Horizon Hobby.  But we here at RCHUB strive to look at all things RC to see if it’s even worth a bother at all.


Fun Factor –

What’s more fun than opening one box to find everything you need in there just waiting for you to charge up the included 7.2 Nimh and hit the streets or the rough stuff?  Plug it in overnight please and rustle up 4 AA’s and get ready for some roosting. The fit and finish on this truck is exceptional and on par with trucks costing triple this amount. The Nylon tub chassis is molded extra thick and so are all the arms at each end. With all the support needed under the hood there was very little to worry about other than hitting the gas and having a blast! Let’s be clear though this is NOT a speed demon, but it did run very well in medium grass and rough stuff on the 550 brushed motor.


Durability –

Let the Red Truck Roll! LOL… With any monster truck you just have to push the limits, that’s what the kid in all of us is dying to do with every Monster Truck purchase isn’t it? This red truck took our beatings in stride and wanted more actually! The solid chassis, arms, suspension, heck especially the CV’s on all 4 corners left us very confident this truck was not going to let us down and it never did! Now the velocity remains on the lower side so it did not reach flight above anyone’s head or anything but we did not play nice with this truck. The truck actually could have cared less as it just ran and ran over every jump, bump and curb with a smile on its face. How about playing in the water? We don’t want you to turn this thing into a submarine but it will endure some good splashing as all the gear is water resistant!


Handling –

So the handling was a tad slower than what we are used to but never struggled to move the wheels in the direction needed. The springs and oil are well suited for this rig as it remained relatively flat through all of turns and whoops in our bash sessions. The smooth throttle allows pretty much anyone to grab the controller and have fun. Monster tires require a good amount of power to swing from side to side and there was never any hesitation here. There was a tiny bit of push when tossing it from side to side at full velocity but that’s completely normal. Overall the entire truck is paired well front to back and is a great starting point for a lot of fun to come.


Value –

Wow …. Repeat after me … WOW! This is a 10th scale Monster Truck for 140 bucks! Nothing on this truck can be found on any Toy Grade RC. There zombie esc red theme is spot on and the sticker compliment it well. The tires or of a longer lasting compound to keep the fun going. Bearings are sitting at all the heavy wear locations so there is no worry of replacing brass bushing anytime soon. Can you please show us another real RC truck that comes with SOLID CV’s on ALL 4 corners that come close to this price point? This one my friends is going to very hard to beat!


Issues –

None yet! Now we are going to get one or two people out there on the interwebs just crying about the lack of power. Please go look at the price point on anything that says it does 30mph on the box and look at the rest of its features… Enough said. The next thing to us we see as a Non-issue but it’s worth mentioning. To get this at this amazing price point this is an online only brand from the good people at Horizon Hobby. Does that mean you may have to wait a day or two for replacement parts.. Yes that’s exactly what it means. But for a great product to come in at this price, having a little patience on replacement parts when needed to us is completely acceptable non-issue.


Upgrades –

This one is going to be fun! When you can make the investment into a good Lipo and Charger! Believe it or not this bad boy can take a 3S battery and will bump your speeds nicely! Once you are comfortable in the land of Lipo this truck is begging for a power upgrade! We can see this truck easily taking one of the many amazing brushless combos available from Dynamite!


So what’s the Verdict? …

When this truck came up to be honest we did not want to like it. What kind of vehicle could come in at this price and still make us smile? Well it turns out that FORCE RC is exactly that vehicle! This truck is solid front to back and has built in upgrades already waiting for you to take advantage of. We see this as an all around fun machine that’s just begging for more. All other RC companies had better be paying attention, what Force RC has done here has allowed a whole new segment of people to come in and enjoy this wonderful hobby without forking over an entire paycheck. Not only that the truck is so well built it’s designed to be ready and capable for years to come. Our hats are off to Force RC and the top tier team at Horizon that put Force RC on the map! So stop what you are doing and get one ordered up!


Click here to go to Force RC!


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