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Well we have to be honest when this came up for review we almost didn’t bother. Many moons ago we had purchased Redcat vehicle and honestly we were a bit disappointed. At the time it was a very inexpensive buggy that sadly did not last and we could not get replacement parts for, so to the recycling bin it went. But in effort for fairness let’s be honest, EVERY manufacturer has had growing pains and not every car was a hit! Read on to see if this REDCAT vehicle will be the one to turn the tables on how we feel about this brand.



Fun Factor –

First off just look at this thing! Does this look like it only cost 280 dollars? Licensed Interco Tires… Scale Roof Rack, Sand Ladders … The list goes on and on. So HECK YEAH this thing is fun! With a built in inner cage and exterior flares that have rock sliders molded in, this thing is really well thought out and the details just lend to the fun factor . Staying on the trail longer is what makes any vehicle fun and with trick steel skids on the axles, metal links front and rear not to mention a custom powder coated 3mm twin plate chassis. This car was just as fun to look at as it is fun to wheel!



Durability –

We did do a bit of curb jumping and hit a couple of manmade ramps to see if it had any hang time. This is going to sound hilarious but it had decent flight characteristics. Now you’re asking how fast it was going to get it to jump stuff. Using our calibrated eyeballs this is much faster than any other crawler type vehicle we have tested. Driving this through an entire pack with tons of tumbles on the rocks and down into the creek bed this tiny tough truck just laughed it off. Initially we had some concerns about the lack of a cover for the pinion and spur gear not to mention the lack of a slipper clutch. But during our testing we had no issues.  Did we mention this truck has all HEX HARDWARE! Tough and user friendly ….we like!



Handling –

This one my friends obviously is very subjective. So the main concern is all that weight up top with that scale lid and all the cool fiddly bits it comes with stock. You do have to pay attention to those off angle maneuvers. Before we set out checking the truck over you notice right away that the springs are definitely on the stiff side and initially we were concerned. But then when you watch the truck on the trail those springs and the shock oil in the all aluminum shocks really come together to keep this bad boy planted!  The wheels are vented and it does have a memory foam insert not to mention it’s a pretty decent compound, add all of that together and you have a nice set of wheels and tires to keep you crawling on a multitude of terrains.  



Value –

This one is a no brainer …. Read everything we have written above so far and how much would you pay for a rig like that? I guarantee the number is above 300 bucks… But you get this complete and stellar rig with a 2.4 radio, Charger, 3000mah battery that lasted over an hour a functional spare tire and a decent amount of scale goodies. So is this a good Value Definitely!



Issues –

When trying to cover some terrain of what seemed to be a tiny tree limb colony we did have more than a few sticks get caught up in the chassis and the inner roll cage getting the truck stuck in its tracks. The other issue if you can call it that is maybe the 1.9s, you give up the ability to dominate certain trails due to the overall ride height. Try not to hit the trails with your buddies running 2.2’s and you won’t even notice. Just to clarify almost EVERY manufacturer running a 1.9 versus a 2.2 is at a disadvantage.




Honestly this is a tough one… Maybe sealed bearings would be the first thing, then maybe a Stainless Screw Kit? But forget about buying a new motor or ESC or Axles or even links. The Machismo’s out there will tell you that you will need to upgrade the Servo but that was not our experience. Other than that it’s a perfect platform to take scale to the next level. But honestly don’t spend another dime on the truck until you have given it its due justice. Just go out and play with your very capable toy truck.  



So what do you think after reading all that we had to say about this rig. Well again this will surprise you and it even surprised us but we have to say that this overall is a really capable, fun, good scaler, crawler and all around fun truck. So for this truck we have to be honest here and actually say this one is definitely worth the money!


Huge thanks to our friend Chris B for letting us abuse this beauty!






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