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RC for most people on the planet is a hobby and that’s supposed to be FUN first and foremost. To make things FUN in this hobby one of the key ingredients is to keep it simple. If you are a hard core RC Racer and love to tweak your transmitter settings every Nano second this article is probably not for you. But back to the majority of hobbyists that are the real bread and butter of this hobby what better way to keep things simple than with a controller and receiver that have no external antennas to worry about. How about a compact design with the battery door that stays on the radio and takes only 4 AA’s to keep the signals flowing?

Fun Factor: 

Well this one is simple …. YES IT IS! Why is this fun you ask, well it’s really a no brainer. Simple 2 channel controller that takes function and form into one easy to use package that you can toss in your backpack with not a care in the world.  What could be more fun than reliable, functional and well built equipment for your rig?  



Well there is no cover to fall off for the battery door… The top buttons are exposed but they protrude only a few millimeters, so unless you literally try to drag this on the concrete its going to be just fine. We may have dropped this accidentally and purposely to see what would happen with no issues. The Battery door takes a decent amount of pressure to open and is protected well so no problems to report…. So Far So Good




Let’s be clear this is again an entry level radio/receiver combo… Having said that there was zero issues with response or any noticeable transmit/latency issues compared to any RTR radio we have tested.  The batteries are in the grip portion so it does have a slightly thicker feel to it, but there is no bottom portion to take up wasted space. The wheel itself has a good foam pad but is a tiny bit on the smaller side. Another mentionable here is a slight drop down feature on said wheel to give a nice overall feel/position for both of your hands. Trigger pull was moderate and stayed consistent during testing.


How about we start off with the price $39.99… When was the last time you saw any radio system under 50 bucks delivered by a name brand manufacturer? How about a complete 2.4GHz 2 channel transmitter with a 3 channel receiver with Failsafe, Steering End point adjustments and Reversing, plus Adjustable Steering rate. The Tactic brand delivers with their SLT = Secure Link Technology keeping the transmitter and receiver on a secure locked channel that seem to have an impossible rage considering the lack of external antennas.


We are going to struggle to fill this space because honestly there were no issues with this set. What we can say is that this like most things people will have personal preferences. For some the thickness/feel of the grip portion may be thicker than a standard system out there but for s it felt very natural after only a minute or two.  Again to each their own but the wheel diameter may be small to some but no complaints here.  One possible complaint may be that there was no clear indication on the receiver as to what side was positive and or negative. But the receiver is slotted, so if your ESC or Servo is slotted, you won’t have to worry.


This one does not apply here

In Summary …

We love this hobby and the simpler the better. No Radio combo comes close with everything you need right in the box sans AA’s. With ZERO antenna worries its totally a WIN WIN. The receiver is listed as MICRO and it is TINY so space will not be an issue. Want another reason to pick this up…Stuck to the front of the controller is easy to read/follow instructions on how to set up the controller… Brilliant! Tis the season to start making lists and stuffing stockings and what better gift than a very capable controller that is as happy in the backyard bashing as it is out deep in the woods on an epic trail!





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