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Have you been wondering what it’s like to drift… to have very little grip and the events are judged not so much by time but on your consistency, your style and how well you are in sync with your car? We were thrilled last week when we were able to meet and see in action some of the industry’s top people from Yokomo like Aso Minori, Matsuxaki Hayato, and JJ KONG just to name a few. Joining them in the action was Chris Vee and some others from the STLRC group. Also Falcon hobby had a few of their Team Drivers join in on the good times. Then you have to give a huge hand to the man of the hour Drew Ellis over at ProLevel RC. It’s awesome that he has multiple track options available and made the space available for dozens of guys who like to have very little grip, yet still show off exactly how much control they really have. Drifting is here to stay… you can go simple and run an essentially stock car or go all out with a precision tuned machine. Something tells me we should start an official RC HUB drift build? Let us know what kind of drift car you would build!

















































































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Click here to see all the action from ProLevel RC


Click here to get some awesome gear from Falcon Hobby


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