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We by chance met Cole and his dad Chris over at Drew Ellis’s track Pro-Level Rc and we were charmed immediately by his high wattage smile and his affable nature. The two of them are the gold standard in what the RC Industry/hobby/sport  started with and needs reminding of from time to time. People bonding, fathers, sons, neighbors, and souls looking for other souls that have a common interest.  Cole has a great personality that will guide him through as well as meeting role models with integrity that remember to look back and help the next generation to succeed. We hope you get to meet Cole both on the track and off and we wish him a lifetime of success as well on and off the track. 






What was your first RC car?

  My first RC Car was a Traxxas Stampede, I got this from my dad when I was about seven or eight years old.


When was your first official race?

  My first official race was at my local track, B&L Hobbies in Farmington Missouri, it was just a club race and this would have been the summer of 2007.


What is your current favorite car to run/Is there a dream build or dream car to own?

  My current favorite car to run is the Xray Xb2 2017 edition. Very easy to drive and still is much dialed at any track I take it to! And for me a dream build would be a Xb8 Nitro kit, I would love to give nitro a try!


What was your first RC experience?

  My First experience when it comes to RC would be when my dad introduced me to RC, he gave me a Traxxas Stampede, and after I drove that at my local track, I never looked back.


What has been your most challenging racing experience to date?

  Most challenging experience for me was at the 2016 Fall Brawl at the RC Shack in Decatur Illinois, I came there expecting to do well, but as the day went on I noticed a local hero, I was never in the same qualifier as him, but when the double mains came around I knew it would have been one hell of a battle, and as it turned out it was, both mains we were neck to neck, I remember vividly my hands shacking both mains, this was also my most enjoyable moment in RC as well! But in the end I was able to take the win!


What’s one NON-RC related hobby or sport that you enjoy?

  A couple of hobbies for me, is of course playing games, mostly Counter Strike, but other less nerdy stuff would be just normal things like hanging out with friends, going to the gym, and running.


What are your future goals or hopes for RC? 

 Future goals that are realistic would be qualifying into the worlds, either 1/10 or 1/8. Future goals that are more than a dream, would be making the top 25, being a world champion, winning a national championship, you know the normal.


Current favorite 1:1 car and what would be a dream 1:1 for you?

  Favorite car for me would have to be a blacked out Audi R8, a Porsche 911 would also do.


Favorite Food … and what track food sustains you?

  Favorite food would have to be Lobster, and track food for me would have to be any kind of pizza.


What could the RC industry offer to attract more young drivers like yourself? 

If anything the industry just needs to lighten up the costs, it’s ridiculous that to be able to get into the hobby just for 1/10 and also being competitive a whole racing setup would cost $1500-$2000. No kid would get that kind of support from their parents if they weren’t racers themselves. Simply the hobby is too expensive to get the kind of support other racing has, at the end of the day, were racing RC cars it’s just too expensive!


















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