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No matter your reason for beginning an RC journey, at some point we all venture into a RC track. We feel a Track should be a place for like-minded individuals to meet and share their enthusiasm. They can be the starting point for some to not only find a great hobby, but a way of life. 

     A great deal of professional RC Drivers stories begin in the adolescent years, but we here love a good twist. Drew Ellis grew up on the field playing sports honing his sense of competition. He had an uncle that rode BMX bikes for Wilcox Racing and Drew gave that a whirl as well and rode on some of the local BMX tracks. One day, Drew heard a noise coming from outside and ventured out to see what would eventually become a very familiar sound and his way of life.  That sound was the roaring NITRO engine of a Traxxas TMAXX driven by his uncle Larry Stone. In 2002, Uncle Larry ordered what would be Drew’s first RC car an HPI Pro 3 Atsushi Hara edition (yeah we are very jealous ourselves starting with the humble Lunchbox) with that HPI in hand they began the adventure at a local RC track known as “Pontoon RC Raceway”.  Drew’s talent was immediately noted not only by his uncle but others like Skip Starkey who helped get Drew to his first real race. By 2003, there had already been some sponsor offers made, but he didn’t take them, until later in 2003 when he signed with XRAY. The winning of titles is still going strong today, he is as we type down in Orlando at the Snowbird Nationals. He not only races for XRAY, but he is also their ON ROAD Team Manager. Beyond the National titles and numerous wins, Drew is a great RC Ambassador, a great sportsman on and off the track. He is very affable, nurturing new drivers and teaching driver etiquette for not only racing, but conducting themselves outside the track, so they may distinguish themselves as positive RC representatives.

     Even with all the travel and hours of practicing not to mention the actual races, Drew decided he wanted to open a RC Track and so in 2012 PROLEVEL RC was born. In the very beginning Drew was renting some former retail space in a now defunct mall. Its latest location at 1150 Pershall Rd, St. Louis, MO 63137 is a 14,000 sq. feet building of which 11,000 sq. feet of is race track… Come one come all, On-Road, Off-road and even Drifting can be done indoors YEAR ROUND… with plenty of heat in the winter and some cool AC coming soon for the heat wave of 2017.  An outdoor Crawlers playground is also in the planning stages. He openly welcomes clubs/groups to host events and has also hosted Large Race Events. The Track also has a Pro shop on-site and all the race parts to keep you in the AMAIN!  We have been to many…many tracks and we can honestly say that Drew’s track is one of the most welcoming. Sadly this is not the norm for many tracks out there, too many times we see a few local guys that literally ruin it for the newbs. So if you are looking for a new track or have never been to a track give PROLEVEL RC a go… we HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

P.S….. Just in case you thought Drew was happy just managing a top tier RC TEAM and Running a very pleasant RC TRACK he is also the proud owner of SRC America as well as Max Power America! Something tells me this guy is serious about RC Racing, yet he is still extremely approachable and always happy to help!

We would like to thank Drew Ellis for taking the time to speak with us and showing us around his fine establishment of all manner of RC Track things.

Keep it right here for our next feature of TRACK DAYS!






































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