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What was your first RC experience?

 My first real RC grade car was a Tamiya Grasshopper. I got back into it in 1986 and I’ve been hooked on Radio Control cars ever since.


Have you ever raced RC competitively?

 I do race competitively now. I’ve been running a lot of indoor carpet lately with my 1/10th  scale buggies and trucks. I’m very fortunate to have 2 great carpet tracks really close to me.


When did you start working for Pro-Line?

 I started working at Pro-Line in 2008 so I’ve been here for 10 years now, wow times flies when you’re having fun.


What has been your most challenging project?

 All the scale Rock Crawling tires are a challenge because we do our best when designing these tires to make sure they’re an exact replica of their full size counterpart. Also because they are licensed we make sure they meet those standards as well as part of the approval process.

How about most rewarding project?

 I would have to say the original Flo-Tek body. It was something relatively new and I had just come back from racing my Short Course truck at the Nitro Challenge in Arizona. After running my truck all week I knew we had to come up with some way to help these trucks perform better when jumping. I went out to my local outdoor track and just started testing different cut outs around the body to see what would work better. I was a little nervous that people would not like the idea of having all these vents built into the body but it’s been a great success for us and the Flo-Tek line is doing great.


Do you have a favorite RC (Monster trucks, Short Course, Basher, Buggy, Crawler, etc.)?

My favorite truck right now of course is our PRO-MT 4×4. That truck is so much fun to bash around with. I’m a huge fan of Tamiya kits so I have a few of those, I just really enjoy building them. My son and I also enjoy going out with our Rock Crawlers and just doing some outdoor crawling.

Pro-Line has a hit on their hands with the PRO-MT 4×4. Any Plans in the works for another kit?

 Yes that truck has been doing great but as of right now there are no plans for another kit. But I would never say never.

As a Product Innovator- where do you look for inspiration?

 I always look for inspiration everywhere I go. I could be at department store and see some sort of pattern that could be used on a wheel design or a tire. Since I have two kids I spend a lot time at toy stores so I’m always looking around for something that catches my eye.


What’s your favorite food?

 I’m not a picky eater so I enjoy most foods. I really like Italian and of course Mexican food. You can also never go wrong with a really nice burger.

What advice would you give anyone actually wanting a career in RC?

 The RC industry is a lot fun to work in but there’s also a lot of hard work involved. If you want to get a job as a designer I would suggest you go out and get a degree in Engineering so you too can be a product developer and get to play with toy cars.






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