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We meet a good deal of people going to different events and it is pleasing to meet someone that you hear a great deal of as well as follow (not in a stalking sense, thank you very much) and they are even more gracious in person. Approachable is not a strong enough of a word. He is like his driving style smooth, consistent, collected with a hint of serenity. I believe the RC world is a better place for him, to showcase the attitude of congeniality and sportsmanship. New drivers take heed learn from him what you can. Approaching your idols is never easy, especially if you seek their tutelage and approval, but we firmly believe Ryan among some others, will make that leap of faith a little easier on you. (We also think he will make one Hell of a Ninja Warrior, we will root for you all the way!!)




 What was your first RC car?

My first race worthy R/C Car was a Losi Jr. T in 1992.


When was your first official race?

I raced local club races in 1992 in the novice class when I was 7 years old.


What is your current favorite car to run/Is there a dream build or dream car to own?

My Tekno NT48.3 is an awesome vehicle that just works great everywhere. I’m honestly not very mechanical and enjoy the driving aspect more than the building.


What was your first RC experience?

My dad has had a hobby shop most of my life, so I have always been around the hobby. I remember when he took his twin engine USA-1 Monster truck and ran me over with it in the front yard. 


What has been your most challenging racing experience to date?

Probably my first time traveling to California for a race (Dirt Nitro Challenge in Hemet in 2006) after I got my full sponsorship for the first time. I went with my dad and we got into a car accident with all our R/C stuff in the trunk. The fuel jug broke, the starter box got damaged and couldn’t be used. We were sore the entire weekend and there was lots of rain to contend with as well. I think I finished in the E-main or something.


What’s one NON-RC related hobby or sport that you enjoy?

Growing up I always wanted to be a professional bowler. That was my primary sport that I ever did. Now my interest is in watching American Ninja Warrior and I’m wanting to possibly give it a try.


What are your future goals or hopes for RC?

My career as a full time driver has less years left than it has completed. This year has been and continues to be my most successful to date. I would like to attend one or two more World Championships and at least give myself the best chance possible at taking the win.


Current favorite 1:1 car and what would be a dream 1:1 for you?

I’m not big into cars but my dad was always a huge Mopar fan so I really like the 1970 Dodge Challenger.


Favorite Food … and what track food sustains you?

My favorite food would be shrimp. At the track I’m pretty much where I’ll eat whatever is available for the most part to get my calories. Though I generally try to keep it on the healthier side.


 Number One Piece of advice you would give someone wanting to race RC CARS?

Build your own first kit and become familiar with it. It will help tremendously with being able to clean it, fix it, and adjust it as you progress in the hobby!






Here are a few more places you can hear from Ryan about his prep for races and his actual races as well as his company




LUTZINATOR.COM (Ryan’s blog)






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