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Not convinced to invest in a drone yet? Here are some remarkable, impressive, inventive, quite mad, and entertaining uses, that people have implored from drones.



Iceberg ahoy! Awe-inspiring, is the only word that comes to mind. This pic and video were taken with a drone off the coast of Canada by Trinity Eco Tours. The photos and video were featured on a Chicago’s ABC 7 website. The footage is just another reminder of how far drones have come from backyard toys to tools to bring the beauty of the world to your fingers in just a click.


Going from how majestic Mother Nature is to the “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” CATEGORY!!


rchub killer drone

Evidently in Finland they have issues with Trees that need to be trimmed and Ice Cycles that need shearing and a problem that is universal, the out of control Snow Man population. Watch at your own discretion.


The 3 friends Miika Ullakko, Henri Kiviniemi and drone pilot Antti Junnari, made the video to parody drones delivering mail. I don’t think I want a drone with a chainsaw delivering anything to me, but that could be a personal thing.. I do find it funny that the “Killer Drone” was taken down by balloons. Ah.. it’s the small things in life. Another unique if not a touch deadly use for a drone.



rchub drone wars

 Competition is the name of the game, well actually its called Airmageddon, a new show in the UK. The show pits children ages 9-14 against one another in aerial challenges, obstacle courses and direct combat.


rchub drone 1


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